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Ethan is a fawn male greyhound/saluki mix born in 2020. He was found at a landfill with Elliott and Emma and may be from the same home as Zeke. He successfully completed his Ehrlichia treatment. Ethan is cat tolerant.

Ethan is a youngish Saluki-mix, whose Saluki side is strong. Looking at him, you’d have no idea that he came to us from a landfill. He recovered from his rough start and is completely in love with life as a sassy hound. 

Ethan is a vocal hound and likes to be involved, so apartment life is not for him. He tries to talk to anyone (human or critter) he sees, especially those he cannot get to. Ethan will bark at what he sees on TV yet he can be redirected if his human stands between him and the screen, with a reassuring gentle voice that all is ok. Usually, he’ll back down and will still warble and yodel, to remind those on the TV that he is watching them. 

Ethan is vigilant on walks and tends to prefer to look for things he’s interested in. He does not tug, though when he spots a truck, SUV, or large truck, he will jump and twist. A three-point harness is mandatory for his safety. If a truck stops, he loses interest. His concern is only for large moving vehicles. It may be because of his life at the landfill and wherever he was before then. He may have had to dodge many large vehicles. Ethan is also distracted by people with objects, so strollers, people carrying large bags, and his greatest enemy, the cyclist. Because of this, Ethan would do best in a house with a yard where he can fetch toys thrown at him for exercise. He would also do well in a quiet neighborhood with someone who is comfortable occasionally holding his harness. Ethan may jump and bark, however, once the distraction has passed him, he loses interest (except for cyclists). We have enjoyed early morning walks when fewer cars and cyclists are about.

Ethan travels best in a soft crate where he can’t see. He’s so quiet in the crate you may forget he’s in the car. Fair warning – if you forget the crate, he will bark at all the distractions. 

Ethan greets guests with gusto and a wagging tail. He wants to be sure they pet him and coo truths such as “You’re a good boy” and “Aren’t you handsome!”

Ethan has lived with cats for almost 9 months and has had vacation foster homes with cats. He ignores them but will occasionally perk up when the cats sprint or do the midnight zoomies. 

Ethan started out in a crate and learned to sleep through the night on a bed on the floor. He never tried to hop in. In fact, the only time he tried to get on furniture was to get a better view out the window. Mostly. If he sneaks onto a couch, he’s easily redirected. It wasn’t a battle. He has slept through the night and when his bladder is full, he will come to the side of the bed to wake you. 

Ethan will easily jump over soft kiddie gates and the sturdy ones seem to stop him. For now. With this in mind, it’s important to have a plan for when people come to the door. We let him bark at strangers (who are you and why are you here?), however, with guests we know, holding his collar and helping with the introduction is all he needs. He’s loud, because he just wants attention. He’s done well being introduced to canine play dates. He even had a chihuahua houseguest. He has not lived a long time with small dogs, though. He will bark at a dog on the other side of the fence if that dog starts the conversation, so keep that in mind when he goes out at night. He needs a yard with a high fence and less peep-ortunities. 

Ethan loves toys and we used them to play fetch and as distractions. He’s particularly fond of crinkly and softer squeaky kinds. Just be vigilant for stuffies. Life on the landfill meant he was willing to eat anything, so watch for fluff consumption. 

Ethan ate in our kitchen away from the other dogs. He showed no aggression, though he also didn’t respect boundaries. We chose to keep the peace. He ate from a slow feed bowl and sat before his bowl was placed down. He will sit for anything he wants. He loves food and treats so much that he was a fast learner. He knows “sit” on command and for treats and eats. He learned back (back up and sit) so we could open the door. He also learned touch. He loves being engaged in training. 

Ethan’s foster family works from home, and Ethan has not been a distraction at all. When he wasn’t outside for a little play, he was asleep on his stack of beds.

If you’re looking for a truly entertaining and fun boy with a few eccentric habits, Ethan is your guy! 

Ethan's Foster Family