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Zeke, aka Pg Wide Open is a white and brindle male born on May 24, 2016. He was found at a landfill and may be from the same place as Ethan, Emma and Elliott. He successfully completed his heartworm treatment. Zeke should not live with cats. 

Last summer, during scorchingly high temperatures, Zeke was found dumped in a landfill, along with several other hounds. Zeke was the first one caught and rescued by GALT. He was in rough shape so he went directly to the vet where he was found to be emaciated, dehydrated, plagued by ticks, intestinal parasites, heartworm, and a tick-borne disease.

When we picked him up he was one sick and very weak puppy. He slept 90% of the time, getting up only for meals and potty breaks. Although he gained weight fairly quickly, he was in treatment for many months for his other ailments. With excellent medical care, good nutritious food, and a lot of TLC, Zeke’s eyes brightened, his energy slowly returned, and with it his sweet, quirky personality emerged.

Eventually, Zeke discovered toys but he decided that all stuffies needed to be torn apart and eaten. A tough Kong Wubba, a Benebone, and a stuffed Kong quickly replaced the soft toys and he now chews happily on them all. He willingly shares his toys with his housemate and he learned from her that the yard is the potty spot so he was housebroken quickly. Walking politely on a leash soon became second nature to him and now he loves his daily walks.

We know what time it was when Zeke’s very accurate internal alarm clock tells him it’s mealtime, or treat time. He animates while joyfully anticipating meals which he gobbles down, leaving his bowl spotlessly clean. Then he checks his housemate’s bowl and licks that bowl clean too. He knows that he gets his treats on his bed and he never leaves a single crumb behind.

Soft beds are his second favorite thing after eating. He fluffs his bed until it’s just right then plops down for a long nap, usually roaching on his back at least part of the time. He loves his bed so much that he’s on it in most of the pictures I’ve taken of him.

Zeke is interested in the squirrels and bunnies in the backyard but doesn’t really chase them. Surprisingly, he failed his cat test yet he was fine with a Yorkie! He also got along well with a Golden Retriever that came to visit for a few days.

Zeke is a tail-wagging, friendly love bug. He’s happy to meet new people and thrives on affection. He barks or nudges one of us with his long nose when he needs to go outside. This boy loves car rides and he settles down nicely for the trip. He marches right into the vets office and happily greets every vet tech and the doctor, too. He also has the most beautiful rooing voice – he throws his head back and sings loudly to express his emotions.

He’s a handsome boy, too, with his white ticked coat and beautiful brindle patches. His teeth are in excellent condition as well and he reluctantly allows them to be brushed. He’s put his past where it belongs, behind him, and shows no signs of emotional damage as a result of it. He is a registered, tattooed racer but has no record of racing. Zeke’s ideal home would have one or more dogs, plenty of soft beds, and someone to adore him, which is easy to do.

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