Where do GALT greyhounds come from?

GALT receives greyhounds from different sources: breeders, trainers, shelters, strays and owner releases. Sometimes the greys are delivered to GALT, but mostly volunteers go to pick them up. These trips average anywhere from one to five hours in length, one way. If you’re interested in helping transport greyhounds, check out our volunteer page.

Where do GALT greyhounds stay?

We place owner release greyhounds and greyhounds who are sick or injured straight into foster homes. Other greyhounds we receive are initially processed, and then wait in an area boarding kennel until they can be medically processed and moved into a foster home. Our goal is to have every greyhound in a foster home as soon as possible. If you’re interested in fostering a GALT greyhound, check out our fostering page.

Greyhounds may stay at VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital or GALT’s leased kennel in Carrollton until a foster home is available. If you’re interested in helping bathe or walk dogs at the boarding facilities we use before the dogs are moved to foster homes, check out our volunteer page.

Is GALT a non-profit charity?

Yes, GALT is a completely volunteer run, 501(c)3 charity. We rely solely on donations and grants for our funding.

How long has GALT been around?

GALT was founded in 2001 by John and Susie McQuade.

How many greyhounds has GALT helped?

As of 2021, GALT has helped over 3,900 greyhounds find homes, either through direct adoptions or helping to move greyhounds to other adoption organizations around the country. Approximately 30% of the greyhounds in GALT’s care need more than standard medical processing. GALT averages about 150 adoptions a year.

How does GALT feel about greyhound racing?

GALT takes a neutral stance on greyhound racing. We are neither for nor against it, this allows us to work closely with the racing industry to directly improve the prospects of ex-racing greyhounds.

Have more questions?
If you have a question that was not answered in one of our FAQ pages, please call or email GALT!