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Elliott is a fawn male greyhound/saluki mix born in 2018. He was found at a landfill with Ethan and Emma and may be from the same home as Zeke. He successfully underwent treatment for a variety of ailments and will be tested for cat tolerance soon. Elliot is ok with small dogs.

If you are looking for an instant infusion of joy and sunshine, Elliot is your hound! Elliot is a Saluki-greyhound mix who was found in a landfill with other dogs. Despite living in circumstances that are hard to imagine, his spirit is intact. He has joie de vivre. He is madly in love with life, with love, with meals, with toys, and every other aspect of living in a home. He wakes up smiling and happy, and ready to help you get your day off to a positive start. His tail never stops wagging. He smiles sweetly in his sleep. He’s simply delighted with life.  

I call Elliot the moon-lit child. His coloring is silvery taupe. Like many of his saluki kin, his fur seems to be lit from within. Elliot has golden eyes and eyeliner that would make Amy Winehouse jealous. He’s small to average size, about 68 lbs. He is compact and muscular.  

Elliot enjoys toys, chasing squirrels, and playing with his packmates. He’s gentle and appropriate with my small dog. He’s super-excited when meals are served and cleans his bowl every time.

He sleeps in open crates and ex-pens and will choose an open crate in my home office if he needs alone time in a quiet room. He crates easily for meals. He also likes cushy dog beds in the open with the other dogs. Elliot does not seem to be interested in getting on furniture and does not try to. A different pack dynamic might have him dashing for beds and couches.

Elliot is usually the first hound to greet me in the morning; if he’s not, he shoves everyone else out of the way so he can nibble on me and bounce up and down with joy. He is affectionate and checks in during my workday to receive lots of pets and hugs. Elliot uses the dog door like a champ and lets himself in and out. He’s great with the other foster dogs in my home – all boys right now – and has a big bromance crush on my foster boy, Watson. Elliot is naturally friendly and enjoys meeting new people. However, he prefers low key dogs and does not appreciate an aggressive dog getting in his face.  

Elliot is a vocalist. He barks in the yard and leads the pack in group howls in the afternoon. Just because.

He has not forgotten his time of deprivation. He is aware of every scrap of food in his environment and will try to help himself to anything on your plate. I would not describe him as food aggressive in the sense that he bites, growls or causes fights. But he levels a laser-sharp stare at the food and dashes in to get it if he has an opportunity. We are working on this, but it is an ongoing project.   

He walks well on a leash, preferring to stay close and watchful. He’s frightened of passing cars and trucks – reasonable considering he spent some time dodging dump trucks and loaders in the landfill. He is using a harness and a short Kong leash to help him feel secure. He doesn’t bolt when he’s scaed. He just walks closer.

Elliot learned the doggie door quickly and has not had an accident in the house. He is so food motivated, he’ll be easy to train to use bells or some other method of signaling he needs to go out.

Elliot is looking for a home with other dogs and a yard to play in. He would probably enjoy older children who have plenty of dog experience. He can be vocal, so he’s not a good fit for an apartment. He needs a quiet neighborhood where he can feel safe outside on walks. A family that works at home would be a huge bonus for this boy. Although he is fully healed from the medical issues he had when he arrived, he may continue to need extra nutritional support. He’s currently getting homemade bone broth (cheap and easy to make) and other homemade foods to support skin and gut health.

Elliot is small-dog safe. He has not been cat tested.

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