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Additional Adoption Fee Information

GALT is charging an adoption fee of $750 for Australian retired racing greyhounds 7 years and younger and $650 for those 8 and over.

The Australian greyhounds arrive to us spayed or neutered with current rabies vaccinations. The transportation cost averages $1,620 per dog, and GALT spends another approximately $400 for CBC blood work with heartworm test, Protatek testing, dental and vaccinations required for this environment.

For its almost 22 years in existence, GALT has operated as a 501 (c) 3 Corporation. The Australian retired racers’ adoption fee correlates to this policy.

This hound’s adoption fee is: $750

Divine, aka Devine Bale, is a beautiful red fawn female born June 1, 2021. Divine is not individually registered and did not race. Her sire is Hard Style Rico and her dam is Lila Bale. Divine should not live with small children, cats or small dogs.

Divine is a sweet, friendly outgoing girl. She loves to run and play with her grey friends in the yard, loves people and lots of pats, praise and cuddles. She is an energetic softy!

Divine is one of the loveliest greys we have ever fostered… beautiful conformation, softest red fawn coat, pretty little face with big round brown eyes and eyeliner that would make Taylor Swift proud. Like many of the Aussies, she has a shorter muzzle that makes her face look a bit like a fox. And she is smart, settled into the house really fast, and good with people, our male greyhound, and a visiting older lady grey.

The BEST thing about her is that she loves to give and get affection. We will be sitting somewhere and she walks up, puts herself between our legs, lays her head on our chest and then melts. She will stay standing there and, of course, we start petting her face. She is sooo soft and warm. I can be standing and suddenly, I feel a nose in my hand. We get little licks, too. Because of her desire for affection, she is a bit of a Velcro dog; she is smart so she is learning to back off when asked. 

She turned 3 in June and still has her puppy moments. She does give a single bark to be let in or to remind us it is time to eat. She is not food motivated (in fact, it took her a while to eat when she got here) and she rarely plays with toys. She has a strong prey drive, and thankfully hasn’t caught any squirrels in our yard. As it has gotten hot, she is spending less time outside. She rides very well in the car and does well on a leash. She is strong and she will come with a thunder lead. Again, we haven’t walked her much because of the weather. 

She learned to ignore our parakeet the first day after about 2 hours of intense correction. She has lovely house manners. [She does not crate at all, but because of her ease in settling we never felt the need to push it.] She was ok with us leaving her in the house by herself for a short period of time or with our grey. She sleeps well and we have given her the run of the house at night. 

She does not bark at people at the door and has been fine with people who have come in the house. She has met the 5- and 6-year-olds next door and did well with them, though she was a bit too exuberant with them wanting to get in their faces. Given that she is as tall as they are, it was a bit much. While we haven’t had her around cats or small dogs, we suspect her high prey drive would kick in. She is not reactive at all to noise outside the house including the dog who barks next door. 

Divine is so sweet and even eats vegetables as treats! She will make someone a perfect dog.

Divine’s Foster Parents