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Zippy, aka Dancin Global, is a black female born September 26, 2019. Her sire is Kiowa Mon Manny and her dam is Dali blues. Zippy has no races to her credit and is sister to GALT’s Midge. It is not yet known if Zippy is cat tolerant.

Zippy is a very sweet yet anxious girl. She slowly works up trust for her people and likes being close, though not too close. 
She gets excited for meals and treats. She likes exploring her back yard and is not fond of walks unless your neighborhood is more rural with little car traffic. Zippy is a country girl at heart, sounds of the city or busy suburban areas are intimidating.
While Zippy might be a bit of a project dog and somewhat slow to trust, she is easy to handle and gets along very well with other dogs.  
Is Zippy the shy dog who will eventually become your best friend?
Zippy's Foster Parents