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Additional Adoption Fee Information

GALT is charging an adoption fee of $750 for Australian retired racing greyhounds 7 years and younger and $650 for those 8 and over.

The Australian greyhounds arrive to us spayed or neutered with current rabies vaccinations. The transportation cost averages $1,620 per dog, and GALT spends another approximately $400 for CBC blood work with heartworm test, Protatek testing, dental and vaccinations required for this environment.

For its almost 22 years in existence, GALT has operated as a 501 (c) 3 Corporation. The Australian retired racers’ adoption fee correlates to this policy.

This hound’s adoption fee is: $750

Neo, aka Walk on Bye, is a black male greyhound born November 19, 2017 and is from Australia. His sire is Walk Hard and his dam is Miss Belladonna. Neo has 57 races to his credit on Greyhound Data. Neo should not live with small dogs or cats. 

Neo is a doggy superstar, the calmest canine this side of silliness! He’s not just happy; he’s over-the-moon ecstatic about his people, showering them with slobbery kisses right on the kisser. He’s like Velcro, but with fur – always within a tail’s reach, plopping down just a few feet away like a four-legged shadow. And when you approach him, his stubby six-inch tail transforms into a ground-pounding jackhammer of joy. We lovingly call him “Thumper” for obvious reasons.

Neo aced the transition to a life of luxury (a.k.a. domestication). We gave him a belly band for the first couple of days, just in case he had any “oopsies”. This guy was like a potty prodigy – zero accidents. He quickly adopted the house rules from our other dogs: using the doggy door like a champ, picking the perfect lounging spots, and mostly staying away from forbidden counter sniffing (well, most of the time).

Now, let’s talk about Neo’s response time – it’s a work in progress. We’re not sure if he’s playing coy with his name or practicing the fine art of pretending he’s too cool to notice us calling him. Maybe he’s got a PhD in selective hearing, and we bet it’d become a lot less selective if a tasty treat were involved.

Neo is a walking wonder. He adores his daily strolls and is a walking buddy extraordinaire. He sticks to our side like a furry, four-legged shadow – even when we pass by our neighbor’s perpetual barker, Marilyn, who serenades us on every walk. Neo’s nighttime manners are top-notch; he cozily curls up in his bedroom crate; we suspect he’d be A-OK without it if his future pawrents prefer that.

Toys are Neo’s jam! He’s a one-dog circus act, tossing them into the air and catching them with flair. Just one thing – he’s a bit toy-territorial and may unleash a teeny growl if the others dare to cast a glance at his treasures. Fear not, he’s all fun, no feud.

Neo’s a dinner date delight; he shares like a champ and isn’t the least bit jealous of his doggy pals stealing the spotlight. He’s an all-around good sport and happily tags along with the pack, especially when squirrel-chasing is on the agenda!

While Neo gets along famously with other pups, he’s also got a strong independent streak. He’s not clingy, though he sure knows how to have a good time with his furry comrades.

Neo would do best in a home with a yard and no kitties – they look and move  too much like squirrels. In a nutshell, Neo is the sweetest, goofiest, and easiest addition to any family. He’s patiently waiting for that special forever home, and trust us, it’ll be a howling good time with this tail-wagging legend around! 

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