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Benji s an estimated 3 year old fawn male staghound born in 2019. He was found in need of medical attention as a stray near Inola, Oklahoma. A good samaritan took him and got him the veterinarian care that he needed. Benji is not cat tolerant

Hi! I’m Benji and I am a very good boy. Everyone says I have the cutest eyebrows and my perfectly tousled locks are the envy of every surfer wannabe. I am a staghound from NE Oklahoma and I got all my boo-boos fixed after getting roughed up by a coyote. It worked out well for me because now I have lots of fluffy pillows and good food to eat. Doc says I’m probably a little over 2 years old. Just consider me the biggest puppy-acting dog! The scale and mirror says I am a big dog though I’m really sure I am the size of a Chihuahua and would happily snuggle in your lap if allowed.

I am a very loyal guy and I will follow you everywhere you go and gaze longingly at you in the hopes you will pet me. I get along great with older kids and other dogs of all sizes but I do not like cats! I am good on a leash after the first couple of minutes of excitement and I am good at home by myself as long as there is no yummy food to get into it. I’m quite the counter surfer and will look for goodies if your back is turned. I police other dog bowls to see if anydoggy else left a morsel behind.

Did I mention I’m a talker? I have A LOT to say to those who will listen – people or hounds. I’ll let you know if there are intruders around the house so I’m not gonna be welcome in an apartment setting. I love walks, riding in the care to anywhere, I play well with younger greys in the back yard where we run around. Inside I just want to be in the same room with my people so I don’t miss anything. I can climb stairs just fine and signal when I need to go out by either talking or nosing somebody who can open a door.

I wag my thick whippy tail when I’m really happy or excited and most of my body wags too. Little kids may get knocked over by my enthusiasm. If you’re petting another dog I may get a little jealous and try to mouth your wrist so I’m learning to wait my turn. I do “happy time” by rolling over and over with a shimmy on my back then stand up and shake it off, my people find it fun to watch.

I am a smart boy and figured out the dog door so fast that my foster mom was really proud of me. I will excitedly greet you at the door, even if you’ve only been gone for 5 min! And while you’re away I’ll run around looking for you. If you are looking for unconditional love, I would love to get to know you better!

Benji's Foster Family