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Balsa, aka Atascocita Balsa, is a 5 1/2 year old red brindle female born on May 19, 2017. Her sire is Flying Westover and her dam is Atascocita Gold. Balsa has 131 races to her credit and gave birth to two pups. She will be evaluated for small animal/cat tolerance soon.

What can I say about sweet Ms. Balsa. This is the sweetest brood momma that we’ve ever fostered. She’s smart and just wants to please all the time!  She learned the dog door in less than a day and there have been no accidents in the house.  She loves walks, is very food driven and loves her treats.

She is a petite girl, and as you have seen from her picture, has a beautiful sugar face.  She also loves to roach.  She gets along great with our resident female hound and after the initial introduction has looked to her for guidance about living in a home.

Balsa is not very vocal and therefore is probably suitable for apartment living. 

This little girl will be a wonderful addition to any home. She is just the sweetest!

Balsa's Foster Family