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​Star is a 6 month old black and white greyhound/Scottish Deerhound mix born July 17, 2022. She came to us from a coyote hunter in Kansas. Tashah, Star and Scarlett are from the same litter. She is good with larger dogs but chases small animals. She should not live with cats.


The deerhound/wolfhound is strong in this one. She has a thick muzzle, wiry curls along her back, and the most adorable whiskers and beard. Like a good little highlander, she loves the cold. She likes to romp in the snow and could spend the entire day outside. If left outside unattended, she likes to dig. She’s also quite the hunteress and has almost managed to catch a few mice. 
She likes to lean on her elbows and gaze out the windows at the birds. She gets along well with our two greyhounds and loves playing keep away with her sister. She hasn’t had any interactions with cats, though her strong instinct for chasing small animals indicates that this might not be the best match, at least outdoors. 
Star is a big snuggler and she does a good job of going into her crate, although she prefers to be cuddled up with her sister or humans. Star can sit on command and she knows how to wait for her food bowl. No signs of possessive behavior over either food or toys. No separation anxiety or other notable fears. She knows how to ring a bell when she wants to go out and will bark once when she wants to come back in. She responds well to her name and can follow “look” and “touch” commands. 
Star is learning to walk on lead. She still pulls on the leash and jumps up on strangers and responds well to positive reinforcement with treats. She LOVES food and will counter-surf if given a chance.  In a nutshell, she has a lot of happy puppy energy and seems to be a quick learner. She’s both a smartie and very sweet. 
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