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Tashah is a 6 month old black and white greyhound/Scottish Deerhound mix born July 17, 2022. She came to us from a coyote hunter in Kansas. Tashah, Star and Scarlett are from the same litter. She is good with larger dogs and should not live with cats.

This little girl is a ball of energy. She needs space where she can run laps and explore. She is fascinated by everything and seems to love everyone although all that exuberance means that she still needs to learn not to jump on people. She can be a little nippy in her play, though we’ve seen improvement. She responds well to the command “calm,” and gentle pressure on her collar.
She knows her name and can follow “look” and “touch” commands. She hasn’t mastered “sit” yet, but she does a good job of waiting for her food bowl and waiting for treats. She shows no signs of possessive behavior with food or toys, no separation anxiety or other notable fears. Tashah is learning to walk on lead and does a pretty good job of not pulling, especially when reinforced with treats.
She is spunky and won’t let bigger dogs push her around (she stands up for herself without being aggressive). She is not at all timid and loves to play. She does well in the car and will go into her crate without too much effort. She can stay in her crate for several hours without whining although she prefers to snuggle with her sister or humans.
She does need supervision because she likes to dig and chew (lots of puppy energy). It’s unclear how she would do around cats, we feel her strong desire to chase indicates that this probably would not be a good match. Tashah has short, very shiny fur and a sweet face. Her superpower is her ability to sleep hard. Even as a little pup, she could sleep through the entire night. Once she is out she is OUT.
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