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Memory, fka Dancin Memories, is a 4 year old black female born on September 5, 2018. Her sire is Dancin Dakota and her dam is Hi Noon Absolute. Memory did not race. She should not live with cats or small dogs. Memory has a dental disease called CUPS (Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis) which requires daily teeth brushing and at least twice a year dental cleanings to manage.

Memory, affectionately called Memmy, is a good natured lively girl with a shiny coat and sparkling eyes to match her personality.

She never raced though she enjoys zooming around the yard more than her foster brother who did race. The yard is her happy place. It is so good for sunbathing and squirrel stalking! She loves to take her stuffed toys out, toss them in the air and chase them. Inside she mostly just moves her stuffies around. She is not crated and has the run of the house with no problems. She sleeps through the night in her own bed in my bedroom and loves to sleep in. Her appetite is good and she enjoys eating…however, she needs to be watched so she doesn’t eat everybody’s food! She enjoys going for walks and has nice leash manners. Car rides are a favorite too. She jumps easily in and out of the car.

Her CUPS dental condition is a gum disease that is kept in check with daily brushing. She is very cooperative and it only takes a couple of minutes each night at bedtime. I also give her lots of chewing treats and bones to keep those gums healthy!

She gets along well with her foster brother and really thrives on human attention and is a great cuddler. She would do best with a companion dog, her prey drive is too hight to be around small dogs or cats. Memory is a sweet girl who would love to bring her cheerfulness to your home!

Memory's Foster Mom