GALT’S 2023 Holiday Angels Matching Fund

In 2023, two GALT hounds who came to us as strays – Wiley and Oakley (pictured above) – experienced serious medical issues that resulted in both of them traveling to the Rainbow Bridge before finding their forever homes. While we were saddened by their passing, we are heartened by the inspiration Wiley and Oakley provided for GALT’s 2023 Holiday Angels Matching Fund. We recently reached out to our GALT family, requesting that at least five “Holiday Angels” pledge $1,000 each to match year end gifts made to our “Do More in 2024” year-end fundraiser. As usual, our wonderful GALT supporters did not disappoint. As of this date, ten donors have pledged a total of at least $20K in Matching Funds, and there may be more coming soon! Please read below for more information about our Holiday Angel Matching Fund donors, and also to see how you can help us “Do More in 2024” for the hounds by making your contribution of any size at the following link: The Dr. E. Kelly Nitsche Veterinary Care Fund Donation – GreytStore.Org

Lark and John Sessions

Pledge #1 came from Angels Lark and John Sessions. They are honoring their precious Irish lass Genie and also the memory of their Rainbow Bridge Angels Abby and Jack. Abby and Jack came into their lives through Greyhound Crossroads of Augusta, Georgia. When they passed away, Lark and John didn’t think they would get to adopt another grey, because Crossroads was no longer active. They were overjoyed to hear that GALT had available hounds! In May 2023, they brought home GALT’s Genie, a very affectionate Velcro Irish girl. John and Lark decided to participate in the Holiday Angel Matching Fund in order to give more greys opportunities to live their best lives and experience the love and affection of forever families. They know firsthand that the joy these hounds bring to their forever families is priceless!


Janet and Wick Culp

Pledge #2 is from Angels Janet and Wick Culp. They have had greyhounds for 24 years and have worked with GALT since 2005. Their current hounds, Leo and Pickles, are being honored in the 2023 Holiday Angel Matching Fund, along with their 12 Rainbow Bridge siblings who have passed before them. Wick has run the Animal Medical Center in Amarillo for many years and has done a great deal of veterinary work for GALT. He and Janet anchor GALT’s West Texas “outpost” – often picking up and/or transporting strays and coyote hunter hounds in the Amarillo / Panhandle area. Many of their own greys have been blood donors for Wick’s veterinary practice, and all have been wonderful ambassadors for the breed. Janet and Wick have worked with many rescue groups over the years, but they say that GALT “sets the gold standard” – so they are proud to contribute to this year’s Holiday Angel Matching Fund.


Shelley and William Latta

Pledge #3 was made by Angels Shelley and William Latta. They would like all greys (and rescues) to live the good life like their pups have done over the years. Their sweet senior greys, Connie and Lulu, are proud to participate in the Holiday Angel Matching Fund! They are enjoying the life of the following who came before them and are patiently waiting at the Rainbow Bridge: Shirley – Kadee – Zuki – Carrie – Paris – Carmen and rescues Lucky and Heidi.



Pledge #4 came from ANONYMOUS ANGELS who wanted to give back to GALT so more hounds like their special boy can find loving forever homes.

Shannon Lacy and Andrew Coles

Pledge #5 is from Angels Shannon Lacy and Andrew Coles. The Holiday Angel program is special to them, because they are honoring the memory of three of their Angels who are running at the Bridge – littermates Justin and Ford (first picture) and also their sweet whippet, Desi. Nic (fka GALT’s Snap) and Faith (blood sister to Justin, Ford and Nic) are happy and healthy running at their forever home! Shannon and Andrew are excited to donate for the Holiday Angel Matching Fund this year. They have had a long relationship with GALT over the years and have had many family members thanks to the hard work of everyone at GALT.


Sandra Simmons

Pledge #6 was made by Angel Sandra Simmons. She is proud to honor her greys Zibia and Lilly (fka GALT’s Dacy) by participating in the Holiday Angels Matching Fund. Her pix show off the personalities of Sophisticated Zibia and Silly Lilly!

Lara and Rob Seume

Pledge #7 comes from Angels Lara and Rob Seume, in memory of their precious Rainbow Bridge Angel Luna (fka GALT’s Eclipse). Luna was a stray staghound found by Tulsa Animal Control in August 2017. Lara and Rob have a special place in their hearts for strays, and they were touched by the stories of our Holiday Angel mascots Wiley and Oakley.

Lori and Bill Elmer

Pledge #8 is from Angels Lori and Bill Elmer. They have honored many of their other hounds in past special funds but recently realized their sweet Donnie may have been overlooked. He’s a BIG brindle boy, so it’s pretty hard to overlook him! Donnie is quite happy in his forever home, with current Pack mates Lana, Sage and Marcus. Lori, Bill and the Elmer Pack are proud to bring some Holiday Angel magic to all of the GALT hounds who are still in boarding or foster homes!


Pledge #9 was made by an ANONYMOUS ANGEL who has a passion for strays like Wiley and Oakley. She has had a total of twelve greys over the years, including her current greys Tod and Denny — a couple of former stray Saluki mixes who are the light of her life!

Susie and John McQuade

Pledge #10 is from Angels Susie and John McQuade, Co-Founders of GALT. They are honoring their many Rainbow Bridge Angels and also their current greys, Connor and Charm (fka GALT’s Heddy.)

We are “greytful” for our Holiday Angel Matching Fund donors, but we appreciate the many other GALT supporters who make gifts of any size. These additional gifts are the key to meeting our overall goal of another $20,000 in general funds, and they really do add up, regardless of size! Please make your donation here (The Dr. E. Kelly Nitsche Veterinary Care Fund Donation – GreytStore.Org ) on or before December 31st, in order to double its value with the matching funds from our GALT 2023 Holiday Angels. THANK YOU, AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE HOUNDS!