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Kann, aka Deco Kann Dream, is a 1 1/2 year old red fawn female born March 21, 2022. Her sire is Omar Dodger, and her dam is Loretta Baby. Lovely never schooled nor raced but instead headed straight to the search for her forever home. Her sisters are GALT’s Heart, GALT’s Justine and GALT’s Lovely. She will be tested for cat tolerance soon.

If you are looking for a young, energetic grey who craves exercise and loves showering affection on her humans, Kann may be the girl for you. Kann is young, so she still has a lot of “puppy” in her. She’s had a few pee accidents and does well with her house training if you keep her on a regular potty / feeding schedule. This girl loves being outdoors, so she needs a home with a yard.

She’s never counter surfed for food, though she does have an affinity for shoes and reading glasses, so it’s best to keep those out of her reach. She does respond well to a firm “NO” when she needs a little behavior correction, so we’ve made some good strides with her puppy training. She’s quite affectionate, so it can be a challenge to keep her from jumping up and hugging every new person she meets on our walks or at the front door! Kann can be pretty rambunctious, she’s not a good fit for adopters with young children or someone who has balance issues.

Kann thinks she’s a lap dog and will snuggle up to you on the sofa if you let her. She loves toys, and the more rugged ones are best for her. She can get a little rough when playing with other greys, so we’ve been careful to monitor that activity closely. A sturdy playmate would be a good companion for her. Kann loves long daily walks totaling 3-4 miles or more – and she might be a “greyt” companion for a jogger. The more exercise the better for this young girl, as long as the weather cooperates! We have made a lot of progress with her leash walking, and she still weaves from side to side a bit; a harness might be a good idea. Kann does not exhibit much of a prey drive on daily walks, though she does get quite interested in backyard critters at night. In hot weather, it would be best to walk her early in the morning rather than late at night.

Kann has not yet been crate trained, and that would probably be a good idea for such an active grey. She seemed to enjoy resting and napping in our open “storm closet” in the master bedroom, so she might like the safety and security of a crate, where she can have her own space from time to time. Since Kann is still in her puppy phase, she can be pretty vocal if she gets bored. Enrichment toys like Snuffle or Licki-Mats, Kongs, Toppl Cups, Flirt Sticks, etc. can help keep her occupied when she’s a bit restless.

Kann is looking for an active home with adopters who will give her a lot of attention and return the affection she loves to shower on all the humans she meets! Do you have a place in your heart and home for this happy girl?

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