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Della is a beautiful mix who was born in late 2022. She has not yet been tested for cat tolerance.

Less than a year old, delightful Della exudes buoyant, playful energy. She’s a petite sighthound mix with a big appetite for both food and adventure. Della looks forward to her daily morning walks and stays next to you unless she sees a squirrel or bunny! She does have a prey drive so no kitties, and she hasn’t been tested around small dogs.

Active and spirited, Della enjoys zoomies and chasing a ball in the yard. Being food motivated and a quick learner, she picked up “sit” after just a few training sessions. As long as you’re reassuring and providing a steady flow of treats, Della cooperates while dremeling her nails, as well as with ear cleaning and teeth brushing. During the day she settles and naps or entertains herself on a dog bed with a stuffy while her people work from home. At night, Della sleeps well in her crate.

Della loves to run and chase; she may have a bit too much personality for some dogs – so one with similar behavior traits is ideal. It’s also possible she could well as an only dog in a home as long as there’s a yard to burn off excess energy. Will this spry puppy melt your heart with her adorable widow’s peak and find her way onto your couch?

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