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Hayes is a 1.5 year old light fawn male born on October 9, 2020. His sire is Superior Panama and his dam is Heavenly Bale. Hayes was never registered with the National Greyhound Association. He should not live with cats.

Hayes is a silly and quirky hound. We have started calling him Hayes-el-nuts 😂. We feel that he would be best as an only dog because he does not know how to play well with others. He resource guards and we have found that especially with treats this can lead to an issue. We have resolved this by only giving smaller treats that are fully eaten right away. He is completely different with people. I have no issues taking anything from him that he should not have.

Hayes would be fine in an apartment or home. He loves to lounge in the backyard. He is not vocal at all and is good on walks, though I would not recommend an urban environment. He is very nervous of loud noises and loud cars. He seems especially nervous around trucks. Oddly enough he does not appear to be thunder phobic, and much to my surprise he lingered in the backyard with the rain before relieving himself. I had to dry him off to come in. No dog parks or restaurant patios for this boy. It’s just not his best environment.

Hayes is definitely not a Velcro dog, he enjoys spending time by himself. He will come over for some pets and then go and lay down. He is a goofy boy that loves chewing on toys and playing with stuffies and squeaky toys.

The optimal home for Hayes would be a home with a more relaxed pace, no cats, no other dogs and no smaller children.

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