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Gunna, aka Artex Gunna, is a 4 year old red male born on May 9, 2018. His sire is Shonn and his dam is Arkans BD Cheeks. Gunna has 31 races to his credit on Greyhound Data. He has been in homes but was surrendered through no fault of his own. He has lived successfully with another dog.

Gunna is an elegant hound, a soft fawn color, with a nose that sometimes seems Roman, sometimes seems a mile long.

Gunna doesn’t care for toys – he’s all about two things: his human – and treats. If you stand up, be prepared to have Gunna check in with you – where you going, mom? Might there be a treat where you’re going? And as you walk through the house, he’ll back up in front of you, expectantly looking up at you for a treat the whole time. He came with a preference in treats – cheese crackers with peanut butter filling! Biscuits are good, but watch out for high-fat treats, as they can cause tummy troubles. If you’re changing his food I recommend you also give him some digestive aids at the time.

Gunna doesn’t really interact with other dogs in the pack, so is a good candidate for an only dog. He does get along with the other dogs though (after an initial adjustment, and once he sorted out where his crate was) – no space issues, no food aggression, no negatives in the pack.Gunna will curl up on almost any dog bed – he’s not really picky. He is at home in the crate, especially since that’s where he (initially) got treats. He’ll run into his crate, and look up like – I’m in my crate, now where’s my treat?

He is pretty reliably house trained though he doesn’t have a strong signal to go out, If he starts pacing, that’s your clue.

Gunna has a pretty bad limp in his right rear leg; he had a severe break at the track that was repaired and he recuperated at the vet. The leg doesn’t bother him, but he does hold it up and will hop like a kangaroo. The use of that leg can be improved with slow walks and he does use it when he backs up.

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