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Molly, aka Molly Qerim, is a 3 year red fawn female. Her sire is SH Avatar and her dam is Martha MacCallum. Molly has 39 races at various tracks across the country to her credit on Greyhound Data. It is unknown if she can live with cats or small animals. Molly is undergoing medical evaluation.

Pretty little Molly is a 3-year-old fawn girl with beautiful eyes and perfectly perky greyhound ears. Miss Molly is reliably housebroken, enjoys car rides, and walks politely on the leash. She doesn’t like to be crated, and is very well-behaved when left on her own. Molly is not vocal or destructive and she doesn’t get into things. We watch her on the nanny-cam when we’re out and all she does is sleep. Toys thrill her! She’ll toss a toy in the air, play bow, then joyfully pounce on it.  While she gets along just fine with our foster boy, and rarely growls at him, she does growl at strange dogs when we’re out on walks, even though they’re across the street. I think she can live happily as an only dog, and she would also learn to get along with and enjoy a laid-back companion. Molly sleeps deeply, and while I haven’t seen any sleep space issues with her, she sometimes startles awake and growls unprovoked. It’s almost like she’s dreaming that she’s threatened. In just a few seconds, however, she realizes there’s nothing to growl at and she goes right back to sleep. Maybe she’s dreaming? Not sure, but she has never growled at us for any reason nor has she shown any aggression toward people.

We’ve had a lot of greyhounds pass through our doors over the years and they’ve all been special in their own way. Some are friendly and outgoing, while some are aloof, nervous, or shy. Some are affectionate, some not so much. Most accept and enjoy affection but they don’t really return it. Molly is unique. She’s the first greyhound I’ve ever met that will wrap herself around you, put her head in your lap, slip it under your arm, between your legs, or tuck it between your head and shoulder. She will do her best to hug you, despite having no arms! Once she’s tucked that long nose and soft neck into whatever opening she’s found she is content to stay there for 10 or 15 minutes while you gently pet and scratch her ears, her neck, her head, or rub her tummy. She’ll get as close to you as she possibly can. She’s not a clingy girl, though she absolutely must give her person “lovies” a couple of times a day. Therefore, Molly is looking only for a forever home where her people are home a lot of the time and have the time and desire to cuddle and hug with her. Giving and getting lovies is just part of her DNA and she needs that interaction every day to be happy and content.

Molly hasn’t been tested with kitties or small dogs yet. She’s very interested in the bunnies and squirrels she sees on walks. Those who are brave enough to come into our yard get chased, but she’s never caught one!

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