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Fiji, aka Slatex Fiji, is a 10 1/2 year old black female born on January 7, 2018. Her sire is Flying Penske and her dam is Slatex Coco Puff. Fiji came to GALT with sister Fea and has 73 races to her credit on Greyhound Data. She will be evaluated for small animal and cat tolerance.

Fiji is a retired racing greyhound originally adopted out in Colorado and then moved to New Mexico. Sadly, Fiji’s loving father could no longer care for Fiji and her sister (not biological) Fea and they both came to GALT New Mexico shortly before Christmas 2022 where these resilient bonded girls have thrived in foster care. The girls are seeking a home together to live out their golden years.

Fiji is the silly sister and shhhhh, don’t tell her she’s a “senior” as she has no idea! Besides hanging out with her sister, Fiji enjoys her walks most of all and is excellent on leash. Her second favorite thing is eating her favorite treat – boiled eggs which she can gulp one down in a single bite. Fiji has the best earsies (all the better to hear you go get her an egg).  Fiji loves affection and rewards her people with the most delightful chattering of her teeth. She enjoys both the journey and the destination on outings, riding great in the car and happy to be along for the ride.  At home, Fiji is relaxed and fit right in from day one with her first foster pack of assorted sighthounds. As is most often the case with fostering and adopting a senior, she has had perfect house manners from: no potty problems, no counter surfing, no chewing on anything (not even her eggs) and has zero separation anxiety. Her foster family could watch her on camera when they left the house and she simply lays down to take a break from her retirement job of delighting her people. Although she could get away with it, she hasn’t tried to get on people furniture and enjoys sleeping near her sister Fea. Fiji has shown no interest in small animals and was deemed kitty tolerant by her original adoption group (and is now being tested out with kitties again).

Fiji is in good health and has an eye condition called pannus that is well controlled with eye drops once per day which she tolerates very well. Fiji and Fea are a bonded pair and need to be placed together in their forever home. The girls co-sleep, stick close on every turn-out, and have found strength and resilience in each other’s company. Are you ready to give this sweet silly sugar-faced girl a greyt home?

Fiji's Foster Family