Running at the Rainbow Bridge


Fea, aka Iwa Henrietta, is a 10 year old white with brindle ticking female born on September 21, 2012. Her sire is Kiowa Sweet Trey and her dam is Iwa Miss Busy. Fea has 5 races to her credit on Greyhound Data and her and her sister Fiji were surrendered to GALT by her owner. She  will be evaluated for cat/small animal tolerance.

Fea is a retired racing greyhound originally adopted out in Colorado and then moved to New Mexico. Sadly, Fea’s loving father could no longer care for Fea and her sister Fiji (not biological) and they both came to GALT New Mexico shortly before Christmas 2022 where these resilient bonded girls have thrived in foster care. The girls are seeking a home together to live out their golden years.

Fea is the “old soul” of the sisters; she knows the most important thing in life is giving and receiving love.  Fea has mastered the greyhound equivalent of hugging – a calm deep lean. From the moment Fea meets anyone, she communicates quietly that she is pleased to meet them. At home, she likes to rest her head in your lap and soak in some massage time and ear scritches. Fea’s love is never too much as she will happily “go lay down” so that another hound can get their turn. Fea oddly seems to understand everything you ask of her or even plan to ask of her and picked up quickly on the routine of her foster home.  She knows her name better than any hound her foster parents have ever known and that is why GALT isn’t trying to change her ironic name (Fea means “ugly” in Spanish, but this girl is a true beauty). Fea has the softest “bunny” fur ever and loves to be groomed. 

Fea enjoys walks and as with all things in life, she walks on the leash in her cool, calm, and dignified manner. She enjoys her boiled egg treats like her sister and mealtimes are her favorite times of the day. Fea loves toys if they involve food (like a snuffle mat or the carrot farm). At home, Fea is relaxed and fit right in from day one with her first foster pack of assorted sighthounds. As is most often the case with fostering and adopting a senior, she has had perfect house manners: no potty problems, no counter surfing, no chewing on anything and has zero separation anxiety. Her foster family could watch her on camera when they left the house and she simply lays down to take a nap. Although she could get away with it, she hasn’t tried to get on  people furniture and enjoys sleeping close to her sister Fiji. Fea is unphased by fireworks or storms and has shown no interest in small animals. She was deemed kitty tolerant by her original adoption group and is now being tested out with kitties again.  

Fea is excellent with anything you ask of her, from taking a bath, to taking medicine, to making quick work of potty breaks when it’s cold outside. Fiji and Fea are a bonded pair and need to be placed together in their forever home. The girls co-sleep, stick close on every turn-out, and have found strength and resilience in each other’s company. Fea is the leader of the two and she quietly guides her silly sister Fiji. Fea, normally cool as a cucumber, will express pure joy upon reuniting with her sister after any time apart. Are you ready to give this beautiful soul her forever home?

Fea's Foster Family