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Bacon is a white with red ticking male born in May 2019. While he is tattooed, he was not individually registered so we don’t know his lineage. Bacon was in a home for a couple of years and is now back at GALT looking for a more suitable home. Bacon should not live with cats or small dogs as he likes to chase.

Who doesn’t love Bacon?! Well, this variety is a big handsome white and fawn greyhound with a sweet kissy spot on the top of his masked head. Having been in a home before he has excellent manners, doesn’t get on furniture, walks nicely on lead, and will tell you EXACTLY what he wants and when! In return – Bacon knows commands like “drop”, “stay”, “come” (most of the time), “down”, “go outside”, “do your business”, “kennel up”, “no”, “uh-uh”, “go to bed”, “go for a walk”.

Routine is very important to this boy – and top among that is timing of meals and treats. Bacon is exceptionally food motivated and tries to be helpy during food prep. While he is a tall fella, he is not one to counter-surf and will wait somewhat patiently nearby.

Toys are quite fun and playing with a ball in the backyard is quite a spectacle! His helicopter tail gets to spinning when he has his favorite squeaky and he’ll add a zoomie if there’s room. Outside loves to chase a ball with reckless abandon and brings it back to be tossed again. Naturally after these bursts of energy he is ready for a powernap!

The adage “let sleeping dogs lie” is extremely important with respect to Bacon. He suffers from sleep startle, so everyone in the house needs to be fully aware of this trait. One must always make sure he raises his lovely head and makes eye contact before approaching his bed. Additionally, other pets or people should not step on his bed as he may growl and react. For this reason, we recommend that Bacon not live with children. At night he would do well to sleep in the room with his people, likely in a crate or x-pen. That way no one can accidentally step on his bed or wake him from a deep slumber.

Bacon loves to be loved on and will come up for hugs and kisses. He’s sweet with his kisses in return. He can get really excited for walks, food and when you come home – and may paw at you for attention. He can be trusted to have free roam when no one’s home, or be in a kennel or x-pen – he’s ok with all the options.

We feel Bacon is best suited as an only dog in a home with people to adore and a yard for playing. While he has lived with other greyhounds and medium sized dogs in close quarters, it’s not an ideal environment. Bacon is a lovely fella who wants nothing more than to have people to adore and give them a lifetime of joy.

Bacon's Foster Family