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Jill is a black female greyhound estimated to have been born in March, 2020. She came to us from the racing industry and is undergoing intake. She was successfully treated for Ehrlichia and heartworms and is now ready to find her forever home. Jill should not live with cats. 

Jill (aka: Jilly-Bean) is a sweet girl in the prime of her life. She is very affectionate, loves everyone, and never turns down a good neck scratch or brushing. She has done very well in a pack with other large or medium dogs, and enjoys her “me time”. Jill may do well as an only dog.


She is very playful and enjoys a good chew toy or one with a squeaker, sometimes not recognizing what is hers or ours, and that is easily corrected. Walks are becoming one of her favorite activities and she is doing well learning good leash manners. Jill enjoys laying in the grass to relax after doing zoomies around the yard.


She crates well and settles in the car once you get moving. She eats well and hangs out in the kitchen looking for extra opportunities. She sleeps through the night often coming up with new and unique ways to roach.


Her ideal home would have an active family, a house with a yard, plenty of toys, people to adore and no cats. Because of frequent vet visits during her heartworm treatment, she became a staff favorite. She was shy at first and was a tail-wagging fool at her last visit. Jill will make a great addition to any home, and we will miss her when she finds her forever home.

Jill's Foster Family