Huey, fka O F Hooligan, is a 1 1/2 year old brindle male born on January 9, 2019. His sire is Superior Panama and his dam is No No Babetta. He came to GALT with his brother, Irish. Huey never ran any races but instead, headed to retirement. Huey should not live with cats nor small dogs.

Huey is calm and fairly quiet. He gets along beautifully with his foster greyhound siblings. He occasionally likes to play with toys, though roaching, ear rubs and snuggling are his preferred activities. As with any greyhound he can be energetic and curious one minute, and ready for affection the next.

Huey adores walks. He follows you with anticipation as walking time approaches. During walks, he’s always on the lookout for squirrels and birds. You’ll always know when Huey sees something in the distance because his ears will perk right up!

Huey would do best with a person of family who is frequently at home, as he loves being around people and cuddling more than anything. Because of his prey drive, Huey should not live with small dogs or cats. He can be vocal at times if he's left alone, so apartment life may be too distracting. Ideally Huey would like a house with a yard and maybe another large canine companion.

Huey is a one of a kind sweetheart who will no doubt capture your heart.

Huey's Foster Parents