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Betty White

Betty White is a white with red female born in 2015. She was found as a stray and brought to GALT. We do not yet know if she is small dog or cat cat tolerant.

As her name implies, Betty White is a sweet, lovely and fun lady. She loves people and truly wants to please them. Betty has been a very easy dog to foster as she settled in quickly and once she understood the house rules, she tried hard to follow them.

Betty has excellent house manners, walks well on a leash, rides well in the car, crates easily and has been well behaved when left loose in the house for short periods when I was gone. She goes to bed when I do, sleeps through the night and doesn’t make a sound until I get up in the morning.

Betty doesn’t like thunder or fireworks but doesn’t panic. Being a sensible dog she quietly takes cover in a safe place like a bathroom or closet until the bad noises stop. 

Betty’s favorite activities are: being petted, getting treats, taking walks, playing with a squeaky toy and doing an occasional zoomy in the backyard. She also loves a good greyhound nap on the couch or a comfortable dog bed, often snoozing happily on her back with her feet in the air.  You may hear a cute little sigh of contentment as she settles in for her nap.

Apartment life may not be a good choice for Betty. She is normally a quiet dog though she does bark at the neighbor dogs on the other side of the privacy fence and those who walk up the street in front of my house. She also sometimes barks at strange dogs we see on our walks.  It isn’t known yet if Betty can live with cats or very small dogs; she does get along well with greyhounds and has been fine with a medium sized dog. She also could possibly be an only dog if she has plenty of human companionship.

Betty White is a gem. She is ready to find her forever home and will make a wonderful addition to someone’s life.

Betty White's Foster Mom