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Solo is an approximately 5 year old brindle male Scottish Deerhound / Greyhound cross. He was in a home until his owner became too ill to care for him any longer. It is unknown if he can live with cats or small animals. Please check back for more info soon.

Big Loving boy! Solo gets along greyt with his foster siblings. He sleeps through the night on his bed in the bedroom and doesn’t mind the other dogs walking past him or moving around. He goes to the door when he needs to go out, though he does not alert you. While he’s sometimes curious about things on the kitchen counter, Solo never tried to take anything. He likes to keep you company while you’re in the kitchen, and will move when asked. He’s learning the words no, move, wait/stay, go lay down, and will come when called.

Solo loves being talked to, hugged and petted…to say he LOVES to be petted is an understatement! Just in case you don’t see him standing in front of you, he will lay his head in your lap or nudge your hand with his nose (sometimes forcefully and can be very persistent about it)! He will give you the most loving look and grin with those big brown eyes…you can’t help but smile and pet him. If you get on the floor to pet him while he’s lying in his bed, he just melts! When he’s really excited you will get a BIG Toothy smile and lots of body bumps as he wiggles around, he may also decide to grab a shoe and run off! He plays well with toys and prefers a large Nylabone. He has a beautiful sit that he does often when surveying the yard or waiting patiently for dinner time. He does like to see if there is any food left by the other dogs; being a gentleman, he only does that after they have walked away from their bowls.

Solo’s tail never stops wagging, so watch any delicate accessories within its wag range. He loves walks and will happily jump in my SUV and lay down for the ride. He is getting better about not following us everywhere, which is hard because he just wants to be near his people. Solo is a big boy, when excited he could easily knock someone over, so no small children, cats or small dogs. He would be happy with a yard to call his own, a tall fence and possibly another large dog just for company if his people are gone for long hours at a time.

Solo's Foster Family