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Rees is a 5 year old petite black female born in 2017. GALT has no information on her heritage. She was, however, in a home and has been returned through no fault of her own. It unknown at this time whether or not Rees can live with cats or small animals.

Rees is a petite girl, more whippet sized, with a big personality. She has excellent manners, stands by the door when she wants to go out or emits a high pitched whine if you don’t notice right away. Her favorite pastimes are sunbathing and going outside several times a day to check things out – rain or shine! And thunderstorms are no big deal.

Rees is a grazer and rarely eats her breakfast instead preferring to eat when she is hungry. Plan to spend a lot of time petting this beauty, she loves attention and will raise your hand to encourage more lovings if you stop prematurely. There are the brief zoomies in the house and a pounce on and off the bed several times after doing twirls to exhibit her exultation. Rees sleeps through the night and only stirs when she sees you are up and ready to start your day.

She will greet you at the door when you come home and has a tendency to jump up on you (we are working on that). She has the cutest wiggle butt – she wags from the waist all the way to the tip of her tail. Although puppy-like when I get home, she quickly settles down once she gets a proper greeting. Rees does get on the furniture, so if that isn’t something you approve of, you will have to set boundaries for her.

Rees is very respectful of her 11 year old tri-pawd greyhound housemate. She loves toys and a tennis ball and just enjoys squeaking them. She spends most of her time napping away the day. While she hasn’t exhibited any sleep startle behavior in her foster home, Rees should live with people who respect the adage “let sleeping dogs lie”. She will bark at anyone walking in front of the house or ringing the doorbell. She will bark at other dogs if they are close to her while on the leash and she doesn’t get aggressive or pull too much.

Rees is more of a people dog. It took her a couple of days to warm up to my greyhound and untuck her tail. Due to her vocalization, Rees is not suited for apartment life. A quiet house with a yard and people to love her will make Rees’ world complete.

Rees's Foster Family