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Sally is a 5 year old fawn female born on November 11, 2016. She came to GALT via the Brownswood Animal shelter after being surrendered due to a divorce. She’s a gorgeous girl with hazel eyes and is ready to find her forever home. Our sweet Sally is 1/4 Greyhound, 1/4 Sloughi, and half a mix of Border Collie, pointers and coonhound. FYI – she favors her active lineage. Sally should not live with cats or small dogs.

Meet Sally!

This little girl may not be a full greyhound, but she is full of fun. After several months in the kennel waiting for a foster home, she amassed a huge fan club. Everyone loves Sally.

At the kennel she was known for her intense ball playing skills, kiddie pool sitting, and quickness to pick up simple training commands. Sally was loud at the kennels though once she got into her foster home, she immediately settled down. Now she only barks to let me know people and squirrels are at the front of the house. She will also let you know when she needs to go outside, come back in, and wants to play. Sally has a newly discovered “indoor voice” which is between a moan and a very subdued bark.

When meeting new dogs, Sally will grumble at first, and then she desperately wants to play with them. She and her foster brother (pittie/bulldog mix) run the fence line together daily (SQUIRREL!) and she loves that. She is a huge personality. Sally loves all people, all water and all balls.

Sally’s ideal forever home should be an active family with a house, a yard so she can play to her heart’s content and a canine buddy to play with. She would do well with older children and just wants to have people of her own to love and cater to her every whim. Sally will bring you endless joy and entertainment. Sally would love to meet you!

Sally's Foster Family