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Shyanne is a 2.5 year old black female doberman / Australian shepherd mix born on June 1, 2020. She came to GALT via the Animal League of Washington County after surrendered by her owner. Shyanne is a tripod but it doesn’t slow her down one bit. She should not live with cats, or small dogs.

Shyanne’s non-refundable adoption fee is $125.

First things first, Shyanne is not a greyhound. She doesn’t look like one, doesn’t behave like one, and doesn’t want to be one! Sometimes Galt ends up getting dogs that are not sighthounds, but we are still committed providing them the best medical care and finding them a good home, Shyanne is one of them and she’s been looking for a home of her own for over 1.5 years! So, let’s focus on what this wonderful girl is all about!

Shyanne is a Doberman / Australian shepherd mix, which makes her by default a very smart girl with tons of potential to learn more. She’s a quick learner when you know how to tell her what you want her to do, or not to do. Having 3 legs don’t hold her back, I don’t think she even knows she’s missing one!

More than anything she loves to hear “good girl”, so she responds very well to positive reinforcement – learning to wait for her food until everyone has the bowl in front of them, waiting to go through the door until given permission are all things that she picked up in just few tries. By encouraging the behavior you want from her and gently but firmly letting her know what is not allowed will make her the best behaving dog on the street!

She’s very cuddly and loves to snuggle with you, sharing a blanket in bed with you is her favorite if you’ll allow that! In our house she’s not allowed on the bed or on the couch and she’s totally ok with that, but she does like to be close to her humans so there’s always a dog bed for her in the room. She lives with 2 large male dogs (weimarannermix & greyhound) and a pittimix female who’s about the same size with her, and they are the best buddies. Due to her breed make up, she will try to herd others. She can be dog selective and needs slow, controlled introductions to ensure compatibility and prefers dogs that are her size or larger. She is very playful and enjoys doggie company but would be over the moon as an only dog in her own new family. She has so much love for her people that better not share that with others, right?!

So in a nutshell Shyanne is perfect companion to someone who wants to find their best friend and one who’ll stay loyal to you day in day out. Having a friend to go out for walks or runs and wherever you’ll go with her people will fall in love with her due to the sweet personality she has. She has the biggest smile and is always happy to see you come home! She’s fully house and crate trained. Are you the family that she’s been looking for?!

Shyanne's Foster Family