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Shyanne is a 1.5 year old black female doberman / Australian shepherd mix born on June 1, 2020. She came to GALT via the Animal League of Washington County after surrendered by her owner. Shyanne is a tripod but it doesn’t slow her down one bit. She should not live with cats, nor small dogs.

Shyanne’s non-refundable adoption fee is $125.

Shyanne – Single young female seeking fun forever family who wants a hilariously happy hound with 3 legs. Must have a compatible canine companion, a yard and love to snuggle – day and night.

Turn ons – toys! Squeaky toys! Running or lounging in the yard. Comfortable dog and people beds…and food!!

Turn offs – super scary monster vacuum cleaners and noisy appliances!

Best qualities – guard dog! Will protect the house from all intruders foreign or domestic (until she gets to know them). Sits for meals and treats. Signals when she needs to go potty. Good little sleeper. Loves to get kisses (not very licky in return). Goes out to pee in the rain. Thunder is a non-issue. She has the most beautiful shiny black coat. Ridiculously fearless, unless it’s a vacuum cleaner

Less-best qualities – guard dog (very barky, no apartments). Eats too fast and wants to check other bowls. Super messy drinker. Counter surfer – that single back leg is quite sturdy. Digger of yard treasures. Does not understand the personal space of other dogs. Can play a bit too rough with her besties and needs a little timeout.

Favorite pastimes – playing tug of war or big-mouth-bitey-face with the compatible canine playmate…multiple times a day!! (This may interrupt TV time depending how loud they get) Running or bouncing across the yard (puddles are fun, too). FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!

Shyanne is a delightful puppy, happy all the time and so incredibly photogenic. She expects all her dog buddies to love her as much as she loves them. This can lead to a few growl sessions until she finally wears them down and they’ll play. Shyanne is not defined by her missing limb – she runs zoomies, gets on furniture and does some crazy vertical jumps when there’s food involved. For a pup her size, she is crazy strong on leash and does better in a harness . She has no focus when out on a walk and gets in twice as many steps as her peers.

Because she’s still young, we crate her when we leave. She dives into her crate knowing a treat will follow her. There’s a little barking at first, then she settles down for a nap. When we get home, she’s all wiggly and excited to see us. Nothing will make Shyanne happier than having other dogs to play with, an abundance of toys, a yard to explore and sleeping with her people.

Shyanne's Foster Family