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Iris is an approximately 4 year old black female mix. She was found as a stray. Iris is being treated for heartworm and is being kept calm in a foster home. According to her DNA results, Iris is a Gryhound / Russell Terrier Corss crossed with a Greyhound / American Staffs. Terrier Cross. Iris is not cat or small dog tolerant.


The special medical treatment cost needed by Iris is why the The Dr. E. Kelly Nitsche Veterinary Care Fund was established. If you would like to help with Iris‘s care, please take a moment to make a donation to the fund. You WILL and CAN make a difference in Iris‘s life and the lives of other greyhounds in need of special medical care. Your help and support will make a difference – one greyhound at a time.

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Greyhound Adoption League of Texas
3400 Carlisle St, #430
Dallas, TX 75204

Please note The Dr. E. Kelly Nitsche Veterinary Care Fund/Iris on your check.