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Nick and Nora

Nick and Nora are 2 year old siblings that were rescued from a law enforcement cruelty seizure by Pauls Valley Animal Control, Oklahoma. They were very thin when they were taken in, and certainly were mistaken for greyhound puppies! But once a GALT greyhound, always an honorary GALT greyhound! Nick and Nora are extremely bonded and depend on each other, so of course they will be adopted together, but for just the adoption fee of one. A DNA test was performed showing them to be American Staffy and Boxer crosses. They are extremely sweet and loving. We refer to them as GALT’s “greyhound gremlins”.

Currently Nick and Nora are living with cats and large dogs.

Nick & Nora’s non-refundable adoption fee is $150.

Do you have a Dog Whisperer heart that’s big enough for two?

Nick and Nora are bonded siblings that were rescued from a law enforcement cruelty seizure in Oklahoma by Paul’s Valley Animal Control. Due to their physical state, extremely thin and malnourished, it was believed they were 3-month-old greyhound mixes and GALT  stepped up and took them in. At their initial veterinary examination, it was determined that they had their adult teeth and were in fact 6-8 months old. After a little time, and lots of meals, Nick and Nora started to fill out and it became obvious they were not greyhounds, a DNA test confirmed that they are staffie and boxer mixes.

Nick and Nora had a very rough start and are still learning about life but overall have made huge progress in overcoming many of their fears. Every day they become a little braver and more trusting. When they are in their home environment and with their humans, they are pretty normal dogs. They both love to cuddle with each other and with their humans. Having both in many ways is easier than having just one dog, Nick and Nora share a bed, they share toys, even take turns chewing a bone, and entertain each other when they play… which can also be entertaining to the humans.

Nick and Nora have grown up with three greyhounds and two cats. Living with greyhounds has taught them to become phenomenal roo’ers! Nick especially seems so proud of the songs he sings and can carry a note like no other. Nick became the lead roo’er of their Rock N Roo band – Nick and the Roo Croo! One of their videos has even gone viral! Don’t tell them they are not greyhounds; they would be devastated to learn they are different.

Two Peas in a Pod but with very different personalities….

NORA – has ears to die for, the cutest little wiggle butt and she got the brains. She is the braver one of the two with strangers, car rides and walks and is still a work in progress. Nora can be a little spazzy at times though it’s short lived and you can easily redirect her energy. Nora is what I call an “alertist”, she will let you know when there is a loud or strange noise, and you can feel comfortable that no one unexpected will ever sneak up on you. Watching TV is a hobby for Nora, she will also alert you to any dogs or animals that make an appearance, whether they are real, cartoons, or Elton John dressed in a chicken outfit.

NICK – is more “Mr. Chill” and likes to kick back a little more and take it all in. One way to warm up to Nick is to call him handsome, he loves it and even puffs out his chest because he knows he is a looker. Got treats?…Nick will impress you with his amazing treat catching talents. Nick is more cautious around strangers than Nora and still a little nervous to go on a walk too far from the house, car rides are not his favorite, but he lays still and tolerates it.

If you like to take pictures, Nick and Nora are a photographer’s dream, you will have ample opportunities to snap great shots and drive your social media friends nuts. Check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GALTSNICKANDNORA

These two will take time to bond with their future adopter(s) and will require lots of love, patience and understanding of what they endured as puppies in their former life. They have made huge strides in overcoming many of their fears. We know a new environment and people will take them back a bit and it will take some time to acclimate and gain trust. Young children would not be a good fit long term, especially while they are adjusting to new surroundings. They will need to live in a house with a fenced yard as they are still working on being comfortable walking on a leash, there are a lot of scary things outside.

Nick and Nora have been in search of their home for three years. Being part of a greyhound adoption group doesn’t give them the audience they need. Being a bonded pair has also made it more difficult to find a home and of course, the dreaded black dog syndrome!
Their foster mom of three years loves them dearly, though she is not in a position currently to make a lifetime commitment to them. These two need a permanent home, rehoming in the future is not an option, so only people who will commit to them 100% for their entire lives should apply.

The love you give will be returned two-fold!

Nick and Nora's Foster Parents