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Martin is an approximately 3 year old black male. He was a stray and came to GALT from Fort Worth Animal Care & Control with Reba. Martin should not live with cats or small animals.

Martin was found as a stray and slowly, but surely, he has proven himself to be a love of a hound.

Martin is doing well as an only dog. Our home is very quiet and when he first arrived, he would spend most of his time on his bed upstairs. As Martin got more and more used to us, he would move silently through the house to get near one of us…usually my husband. He had no problem with our Christmas guests and visitors.

Martin enjoys the freedom of a yard large enough for him to stretch out and run. He would not do well in an apartment setting; walks alone would not be enough for this young and energetic dog. My, oh my, does he love the yard! He does zoomies and loves to chase and toss around toys. He will toss toys around even without us. He sits and watches – looks like one of those statues of a greyhound which most greyhounds do NOT do. He goes out the door on squirrel high alert and checks the perimeter making sure all is right.

He did fine with two other female vacation fosters here. After about 10 days he showed a little grumpiness toward them – maybe thinking they overstayed their welcome. We just think he would be happier as an only dog.

Around the house, we have a parakeet and he ignores it. He is not storm phobic – even with tornado sirens going. He has no problems with smaller dogs he meets out of the house. He sleeps on a dog bed next to ours.  We never crated him and he has done fine. He is a grazer of kibble unless canned food is added! He has shown no food aggression to us. He takes snacks very gently out of our hands. He is not food motivated.

He does fine in public places and around kids.

Oh, and he has the cutest curly tail!

Martin's Foster Family