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Additional Adoption Fee Information for Nyx

GALT is charging an adoption fee of $750 for Australian retired racing greyhounds 7 years and younger and $650 for those 8 and over.

The Australian greyhounds arrive to us spayed or neutered with current rabies vaccinations. The transportation cost averages $1,620 per dog, and GALT spends another approximately $400 for CBC blood work with heartworm test, Protatek testing, dental and vaccinations required for this environment.

For its almost 22 years in existence, GALT has operated as a 501 (c) 3 Corporation. The Australian retired racers’ adoption fee correlates to this policy.

This hound’s adoption fee is: $750

Nyx, aka Iceni Jinx, is an almost 4 year old black female greyhound born June 25, 2018 who is from Australia. Her sire is Barcia Bale and her dam is Spot the Riddler. Nyx has 33 races to her credit. She should not live with small dogs and has yet to be cat-tested.

Nyx, or Nyxie as we like to call her, has been a great foster dog. We love her outgoing and friendly personality. She is also very smart and (usually) well behaved. She is the right balance of dependence/independence, and she does an amazing job of keeping squirrels out of our yard!
Nyx is a pretty girl with a tuxedo chest and a fair amount of sugar on her face – making her look older than her almost five times around the sun. She loves every person and dog she meets. She also enjoys our backyard and spends a lot of the day lying in the grass and pondering the meaning of life or chasing squirrels or greeting the neighbors.
We have a small neighborhood behind our house and people often stroll past our yard. Every time Nyx sees someone get close to our wrought iron fence she runs over and sticks her head out as if to say, “Please pet me, I’m adorable!”  So many people oblige that we think she is becoming a neighborhood attraction. Sometimes people bring their dogs over for a greeting and Nyx gives them friendly hellos right back. Even the obnoxious barky dogs next door like Nyx and seem to bark a little less when she is out.
Nyx is quickly learning how to be a pet. She has never had an accident in the house, and she learned the dog door and stairs quickly. She has never jumped on furniture and has not gotten into anything on the counter – although she does like to sniff to see what she is missing.
Nyx does; however, sometimes get into things that we leave laying around at her level – bath mats, shoes, a headset. She is learning her boundaries – or testing them. We think she will learn the rules in time – so for now we gate off “no dog zones” and try to be careful about what we leave laying around. We could all use a reminder to be a little more tidy – Marie Kondo would be proud!
Nyx gets along great with our permanent greyhound-mix, and they spend a lot of time together. There are exciting impromptu races in our backyard a couple of times a day which resemble games of tag. Nyx is amazingly fast and is never “it.”  Nyx is fine to occasionally be independent as well – sometimes preferring to sleep in the family room so she can close out the festivities at the end of the night and be the first to the party early the next morning.
Nyx is well behaved when we have visitors. She is the welcoming committee when they arrive, and after they pay the toll in pets, she grants them access to our home. If they rub her shoulder just so – her back leg will start kicking. It is hilarious!
Nyx is usually a quiet girl. Occasionally she will whine just a bit if she is upset about something or if she hears a car pulling into the driveway. (Who needs a ring camera when you have an attentive greyhound?)  She will also, on rare occasions, bark at a neighbor’s squirrel who taunts her from just a little too far away.
Nyx is a good eater – although she likes to eat slowly and may leave some food behind for a little snack later. If we want to encourage her to eat more, a bit of grated cheese always does the trick. She also likes a spot of whipped cream when we are making our morning coffee.
Nyx would do great as an only dog or with a canine companion. She would like to have a bit of a yard to play in or go for walks to get some exercise. Nyx has been one of our favorite fosters. We are sure she will bring joy to the fortunate family who adopts this sweet girl!
Nyx's Foster Family