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​Larke, fka Skylark, is a an almost 5 year old red female born on November 15, 2017. Her sire is SH Avatar and her dam is DB’s Sky. Larke came to GALT with her siblings Skye and Commander. She has 81 races to her credit on Greyhound Data, all at Derby Lane. Larke was in a home for a few years with her brother Commander but has been returned due to owner’s health. She should not live with cats or small dogs.

Larke is absolutely the cutest dog we have ever seen!  She seems to have no control over her big floppy ears that adorably go in a multitude of directions – almost never in sync with each other.  She does the silliest downward dog when she is eating her bones and looks absolutely hilarious when she roaches.

She is always happy and has a great attitude.  She loves everyone she meets and gets along famously with our other greys.  She does have a strong prey drive – so may not get along so well with the small critters.

Larke loves to go on walks and is a good walker – not pulling or tugging.  She enjoys taking laps now and then around our backyard – making sure to outpace the other dogs.

Larke isn’t the best eater.  She prefers to graze throughout the day so we have to be sure to pick up her bowl when she abandons it.  Her favorite food so far is cooked carrots.  She goes crazy for those!

Larke is a pretty smart girl.  She watches the other dogs and follows their lead to learn the routine of the house.  We watch her think about situations like which of the 6 or 7 dog beds might be the most comfortable, give her the most visibility to the rest of the house, and be convenient for anyone walking by with a free hand to pet her.  She hasn’t learned the dog door yet – but we are working with her.  Fortunately, someone is usually around to help her with the door.  She has never had an accident in our home.

Larke is wonderfully obedient and does well with correction.  She is a pleaser and wants to always be on her best behavior.  She loves to be petted and hugged and will fall asleep in about 30 seconds when my husband lays down next to her and strokes her face.

Larke is outgoing and cute and cuddly and loveable.  She is like that coveted stuffed animal you had when you were a little kid that you wanted to carry around with you everywhere – except she is a little too heavy to carry around all the time.  She will make an absolutely amazing pet for the right family!

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