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Lulu is a 6 month old fawn female born March 4, 2022. She came to GALT with her sister, Lemon, from a coyote hunter in Oklahoma. Lulu likes the kitties but has not yet been evaluated with other small animals. She has had her medical processing done and is now ready for a home.

Lulu is a fun loving, affectionate, sometimes vocal young lady. Lulu is known to bark when she wants your attention. She enjoys giving kisses, and a little nibble on your ear.   She has a way of stealing your chair and then looking at you with adorable eyes, expecting to keep your seat.  

She is extremely busy, loves to play with toys and other dogs. Lulu can navigate stairs with ease and grace.  Lulu is food motivated.  She will sit, kennel, go outside on command. She likes water, she will b-line to water if available.  A messy water drinker, but cute.  

Her absolutely favorite activities are spending time outside, watching and chasing squirrels.  Lulu met an indoor kitty and did not seem to care about him, though she hasn’t lived with cats yet.  She is a puppy and needs to have a canine mate who will play with her.  

Lulu is very sweet.  She might counter surf, if she thinks there are good food options to check out. Lulu will do best in a home with a large yard and a buddy to run around with.  I would not put her in a home WITHOUT another dog.  Lulu is not good on a leash, she walks like a drunk, and that will change with time and training.  She is very smart and eager to please.  

If you would like a sweet, compassionate dog, who would love to cuddle, consider this gem.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out.

Lulu's Foster Family