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Jeff, fka Jeff Bridges, is a 4 year old red male born on May 23, 2018. His sire is Bella Infrared and his dam is Tortuga Gift. Jeff ran 14 races before coming to GALT. Jeff should not live with cats or small dogs.

Jeff, aka “The Dude,” instantly joined in with our household and learned how to be a part of the family within minutes! OK, it took him a few tries to learn the stairs for the first time, thankfully Jeff is food motivated and quickly overcame those fears by chasing those treats!

He plays well with our own pup and most importantly, he wants to velcro himself to your side and follow you around the house. Just getting up to do something across the same room? Jeff will pop right off his dog bed and be your best company! His FOMO is strong!

Even though he wants to follow you everywhere in the house, he does fine when we leave him uncrated while out of the house. He is ok with car rides after the initial fear of getting up into the vehicle. Outdoors he is good on a leash and in the yard, he enjoys the typical greyhound zoomies which last approximately 30 seconds and he is ready to accompany you back inside. That is, of course, if he doesn’t spot the squirrels in the trees!

Jeff is not discriminatory towards any toys in the house: stuffies, squeaky toys, bones, ropes, he plays with them all! He also hasn’t shown defensive personality or hoarding tendencies.

“The Dude” is beloved amongst the GALT volunteers and just wants to be loved by his future forever home, as long as it doesn’t have small dogs or cats!

Jeff's Foster Family