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Joey is a 1 year old white with fawn male. He came to GALT with Jeffrey from the Weatherford, OK shelter. He will be test-ed with cats and small animals soon.

Joey is a happy go-lucky boy who never met a stranger, human or canine. His tail is constantly wagging. Joey is absolutely gorgeous – mostly white body with a couple fawn spots, and fawn patches shaded with black on his face, though it’s his eyes that get you. Big eyes that draw you in, with dark eyeliner to make them pop. Bonus! Joey’s a smiler – when he really wants something he’ll pull back his lips and give you a big toothy grin. Joey is a smart boy and seems to understand what you tell him. He is also very responsive to his name.

Joey loves to play with his two foster sisters, and he backs off if they signal they are done playing. Joey loves to run around in the backyard and he enjoys chasing a ball but hasn’t mastered bringing the ball back yet, we’re working on it. Joey loves to play with squeaky toys – the more you have the happier he is!

Joey has no interest in getting on the furniture, he enjoys the dog beds and he’s a great sleeper. For being so young, he sleeps more than expected during the day – like a typical greyhound. He will greet you in the morning with his head on the side of your bed and he waits patiently for you to get up to feed him. He likes to eat first thing and then goes out to potty. Joey is house trained and will sit for treats. He waits patiently for you to give him a treat after he comes in from outside.

Joey doesn’t like the crate, and he’ll complain quite vocally. If left in a wire crate he’ll get happy tail. We baby gate him in our kitchen when we leave the house which works really well for him, although he would prefer to be left out with his foster sisters. He needs a boost to get in the car; once in, he rides beautifully.

Joey would enjoy a forever home with a big yard and other canine companions to play with. This sweet boy will make you smile every day!
Joey's Foster Family