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Reddy, fka Red Utopian, is an 9 year old red female born on February 25,2013. Her sire is KC and All and her dam is Sweetest Revenge. She has 94 races and 9 offspring to her credit on Greyhound Data. Reddy is being medically evaluated. Reddy is not cat tolerant.

Reddy spent most of her life racing and breeding and now she is discovering the wonders of home life and learning how to be a pet. At 8 ½ years old, Reddy acts like a much younger girl. She is happy and healthy and has just the right amount of energy. She loves playing with squeaky toys and carries her special ones around the house and into the yard. Sometimes while playing with her toys, Reddy will stick her butt in the air and spin her tail around like a helicopter. It’s hilarious!

Reddy is smart. When we first brought her home from the vet after her spay, she was wearing one of those big plastic cones. We have a dog door, and we couldn’t let her go outside on her own (for fear that she would run) –we figured the big cone would regulate that. Not this girlie! Reddy said that our backyard looked amazing and she wanted to explore it, so she figured out how to pivot her head just right to get out the dog door. It usually takes days for us to teach a dog how to use the dog door and she taught herself even with a giant obstacle in the way!

Time for a walk? A couple of times she got her dog leash off the hook on the wall and brought it over to us. Reddy loves walks! When we take her on walks, she scans the landscape the whole time looking for bunnies and squirrels. When she sees a temptation tell her “no” a few times until the critter finally goes away. She has a very high prey drive! Reddy should not live with cats or little dogs.

Sometimes she will “herd” us around the house to influence where we should go. We notice her herding us towards the garage where her food is kept when she’s hungry. Reddy is also discovering snacks! At first she wouldn’t take a snack – what is this madness having a treat in the middle of the day? Now she will try to sneak into the garage and help herself to the box of dog biscuits when no one is looking.

And pets – how magical is it to have people stroke your long back? Maybe if I stand 3” away from people they won’t be able to help themselves but to pet me?

Reddy has very good house manners. She has never had an accident in the house, never gotten on any furniture, and never torn up anything. There might have been a bit of counter sniffing once or twice, although she has never taken anything off the counters. One time she did grab something out of the trash. Hey no one else wanted it anymore, right?

Reddy loves roaching on soft comfy dog beds. Sometimes, as she roaches, she will even position herself on the dog bed against a wall so the horizontal and vertical surfaces can cradle her perfectly.

During the day, Reddy likes to sleep in the dining room so she can see the kitchen, front door, and the sleeping dog on the stair landing all at the same time. At night, she prefers to sleep by herself in the family room so she can be the first one to the party when people start waking up.

Reddy is easy going and flexible and can fit into a lot of different living situations. She loves all people – big and small. She gets along great with every dog she has met, although we also think Reddy could be an only dog. She doesn’t seem to have separation anxiety, and she loves to greet her people when they come home.

We think Reddy will be an amazing pet to a deserving family.

Reddy's Foster Family