Jeffrey is a 7.5 year old brindle male born on August 23, 2014. He came to GALT with Joey from the Weatherford, OK shelter. Jeffrey should not live with cats.

Jeffrey is a playful yet calm boy. He is a love and will let you pet him all day. If our greyhound is getting some attention, he is right there pushing his way in to get all the loves. Our girl is allowed on the couch and he can’t quite understand why he can’t be up there too; sorry dude - that is a rule for all fosters. We don’t want him to think something is okay and then his fur-ever home doesn’t allow it. He will put his front paws on the couch to get your attention.

He is a sighthound mix and came to GALT from a shelter. While his estimated age is around 7, his coloring doesn't reflect it. Like most greyhounds, he has bursts of energy and then calms back down nicely, content to snooze the day away. He is extremely food motivated and he is a very smart boy. He has learned “stay” though he doesn’t always agree. He's a work in progress and very eager to please.

Jeffrey's house manners are excellent with zero accidents in the house since day 1. There is the occasional counter surfing if something yummy has been left out.

He has an elephant stuffie that is hands-down his favorite toy. He is playful though not destructive with his toys. He loves to play with our senior girl and we feel he would be perfectly fine as an only dog if people are around more often. He would not be happy left alone all day. He is currently crated at night and when we leave the house. This is more to restrict his scavenger activities than anything else.

The ideal forever home for Jeffrey is one without cats. He would just love a family of his own with or without another dog. He has a pretty specific morning "routine", so if you don't have a yard - know that there will be plenty of walks in your future, no matter the weather. Jeffrey is an awesome hound who will steal your heart!

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