Joey is a 1 year old white with fawn male. He came to GALT with Jeffrey from the Weatherford, OK shelter. He will be test-ed with cats and small animals soon.

Joey is a happy go-lucky boy who never met a stranger, human or canine. His curled-up tail is constantly wagging. Joey is absolutely gorgeous – mostly white body with a couple fawn spots, and fawn patches shaded with black on his face, though it’s his eyes that get you. Big eyes that draw you in, with dark eyeliner to make them pop. Bonus! Joey’s a smiler – when he really wants something he’ll pull back his lips and give you a big toothy grin.

Joey is definitely submissive to the other dogs in the pack. He loves to play bitey face with his foster sister, and he usually lets her win. They run all over the yard and even have a small track that they’ve made where they do laps. Joey loves toys – his specialty is sneaking a stuffed toy outside. He likes to chase balls and chew bones with the best of them. He’s not possessive of toys or bones. If some other dog has what he wants, he’ll lie right next to their face, waiting patiently for his turn. Sometimes he’ll try to interest them in another toy so he can have his precious. Or he’ll start a game of bitey face so he can grab what he wants. He’s pretty clever!

He learned to sit by watching his foster sister, and will sit for treats. He picked out ‘his’ dog bed and that’s where he sleeps each night. He doesn’t get up till I wake him up in the morning.

He does try to get on the people bed in the morning when all the other dogs are on it. He'll also try to sneak up on the sofa if left alone in the room.

He is pretty reliably house trained (definitely to a doggie door). He doesn’t have a strong signal to go out, though, so if you miss him going to the door, he might pee in front of it. He also likes company when he goes outside, and will lie in front of the door when he's ready to come in.

Joey really doesn’t like the crate, and he’ll complain quite vocally. He’s only crated for meals, Joey doesn’t share food! If left in a wire crate he’ll get happy tail. He needs a boost to get in the car; once in, he rides beautifully.

He’s still a baby and has plenty of puppy-ness for an active family. Joey’s not very confident, and in new situations he’ll drop to the ground and belly-crawl. His forever home should have a yard and other canine companions to play with and teach him the ropes. This sweet boy will make you smile every day.

Joey's Foster Mom

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