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Bridget is a 2.5 year old black female born on July 23, 2020. Her sire is Superior Panama and her dam is PK Makeyoumissme. Bridget was not individually registered with the National Greyhound Association. She is undergoing intake and medical evaluation. It is not known if she is cat or small animal tolerant.

Bridget is a sweet young lady looking for just the right home. When she came to GALT she was very shy and timid. She’s made great progress getting comfortable living in a home and learning to enjoy having a human companion.  
As she relaxes and gains confidence, her playful side has started to come out. She loves toys of all kinds, getting them all out of the toy basket and scattering them around the house. She is a bit mischievous too, sometimes stealing shoes, dirty laundry and pieces of paper. She is gentle with these things though and hasn’t damaged anything (except the Kleenex she enjoys shredding). We are working on learning what is a toy and what isn’t.  
In the house, she is becoming a sweet little companion, often following me from room to room, napping nearby and giving gentle kisses and nuzzles in return for petting and treats. She is house trained, doesn’t counter surf and gets along well with my dog.  She is very well behaved when left loose in the house when I go out.
Bridget has come a long way, though she still has fears about the big world outside. I take her out for a short walk each morning, and sometimes it’s just too scary and she has to turn back to the safety of the house. However, when she wants to go out in the backyard, Bridget does an adorable happy dance.
While we don’t know anything specific about her life before GALT, she prefers women to men. When people come to my house, she retreats to my bedroom to avoid them. It takes some time for her to get comfortable with a new person. She also can be quite vocal about warning off strangers who walk past the house! It could be fear of the unknown though it’s amusing how she defends her home.
Because walks and strange noises are scary, apartment life is not a good fit for Bridget. She is not yet ready to go on big adventures or long walks. Bottom line, Bridget is a home-body! She will do best in a quiet home with lots of toys, a yard, possibly a canine companion and a person who can be patient and understanding as she continues working to overcome her fears. She is a diamond in the rough seeking a family that will give her more time, love and patience to become a confident dog.
Bridget's Foster Family