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Marco is a 6 month old fawn male who is 75% greyhound and 25% coonhound. He broke his back right leg when it got caught up in a fence. Marco had surgery to repair his leg at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center and is being kept quiet in a foster home while he heals. He is good with larger dogs but has not yet been evaluated with small animals or cats.

Marco is growing up so fast! He is a sweet boy who can still cause his share of puppy mischief – he will quickly train you to keep your shoes put up. Marco loves to play with toys, people and other dogs. His favorite game is tug. He likes walks and has enough stamina to go on 3-milers in cool weather. Marco is a smart, food-motivated boy. He knows that he crates for meals and chew treats and runs to his spot when told. He is a snuggle bunny and a kisser. Just be ready for someone to shout Polo when you call his name!
Because he’s still a puppy, he will need training by his forever family so he knows what is appropriate to chew and also to learn patience that things are not done on his time schedule. Marco is smart and athletic and will grow to be a biggish boy (he’s a greyhound/coonhound mix). Perhaps scent work or agility is in his future to keep him interested in family activities.
Because he can be vocal, apartment life is not recommended. He will do well with other playful dogs and an active family. Above all else, he’s adorable and loving and still a puppy with a lot of energy.
Marco's Foster Family