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Russell, aka Kl’s Russell is a red male born on April 26, 2020. His sire is Jack’s Big Lad and his dam is KL’s Ruth. Russell has 4 races to his credit on Greyhound Data. Russell should not live with small dogs or cats.

Russell is a 3 year old blonde “Velcro Boy” with the most adorable overbite and the softest fur, which is a joy to pet/brush. He has adapted very well to life in a home, quickly figuring out how to use dog beds, meal times with another dog in the same area, playing with an abundance of toys, and that TREATS are life!

He’s a professional “roacher”, with some spectacular poses, once he is comfortable. Russell will follow you room-to-room, even if you’re just getting up to refill your water and come right back. He really does not want to miss out on any experience with his humans!

Once he was cleared for full activity, he and his forever-home brother made short work of running laps in the yard, playing fetch like a professional, and generally having a great time in retired life. Russell especially loves playing with toy balls and the Kong Wubba. Squeaker toys are not just a joy, but a challenge to be conquered, so supervising his use of those toys is required. Russell also loves a little gentle “wrasslin’” with his humans (play boxing with hands/paws, etc.). He accepts verbal correction very well and learns quickly!

Russell is great on walks and loves going on “smell adventures”. He will walk without pulling and if you keep up a pace, he will just walk with you without interruption.

Russell loves a good ear scratching and especially loves gentle scratches down his spine to his tail. He will do the cutest wiggle as you get those hard to reach spots and look at you with the biggest hound smile. He has learned “go to bed” and training for other commands will take patience and repetition with treat rewards. For example, he has learned to wait to eat breakfast/dinner until he’s told to “eat!” and will come when called.

He can be vocal at times, so he will need to be in a home, not an apartment. Russell may do well as an only dog but only if he has people with him throughout the day. He does exhibit signs of some separation anxiety when left alone, even with another dog in the house, for more than an hour or two. Russell has been crated when no humans will be around for more than an hour or two, and he handles the crate well. Russell does not seem to be thunder-shy at all and has been doing well during storms.

Meal times are one of Russell’s favorite times of day. He will let you know when it is time for breakfast and dinner, usually with some polite vocalizations and nudging with his snoot. He’s a good eater and a slow-feeder raised bowl has helped him greatly.

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