Apache is a 1 1/2 year old brindle male born on September 26, 2017. His sire is SH Avatar and his damn is Iris of Ruckus. Apache was not individually registered and headed right to the pet life. He has not been evaluated with cats and small animals. Keep an eye out for updates on him.

Apache is a sweet, brave, fun-loving guy. He’s been with me through some crazy storms and isn’t bothered in the least. He adapted well and gets along nicely with my two girls, another greyhound and a small mix weighing just 20 pounds.

Apache is very curious and eager to observe new things. He fancies himself a bit of a decorator and loves to start each day by thoughtfully removing each toy from the toy box and putting it where he believes it needs to be. When he’s done with toys, he moves on to shoes, remote controls and grocery bags! Though it was a little concerning at first, he has yet to destroy anything except toilet paper!

He’s getting better on the leash and enjoys walks through the neighborhood with his housemates.

Apache is a wonderful, friendly dog. I think he’d do best in a place with a playmate or two and his new person/people should be actively involved in his life. He’s loves to be where the action is. He’s not demanding, but he is certainly deserving.

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