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Loki is a fawn male greyhound/saluki mix born in 2020. He came to GALT from the Vernon Animal Shelter with Thor. He should not live with cats.

Loki is a beautiful greyhound/saluki mix who had a bit of a rough start but he’s now ready to find his forever home. He’s a smart, happy boy with a goofy spirit that will make you laugh and melt your heart.

When he is excited, he hops around like a little kid that just can’t contain his happiness. And it’s very common for him to turn both of his ears inside out and back against his head. The first time his foster mom thought it was a fluke, yet somehow it happens quite often. It’s pure joy to see.

Loki is a bit of a social butterfly, and he thrives when surrounded by other dogs. They bring out his playfulness, and most importantly they also provide reassurance that he is safe. He is always at the front of the line for pets and ear rubs. If you happen to pay too much attention to the other dogs, he will use his voice to let you know it’s his turn.

He is a toy hoarder of the first order. Foster mom knows it’s time to stop working when he starts trotting by the office in the evening, pulling his treasures into the living room to play. The bromance with his foster brother is strong. He loves to play wrestling, tug-of-war, throwing toys in the air like he just doesn’t care! His hoarding habits extend to towels, blankets, pillows, clothing and fabric in general. He just likes to pull them all into the room with him, he’s not the least bit destructive.

Loki likes his mealtimes, and will remind you if you’re running late, however we haven’t seen any hints of counter surfing or food guarding. He is still learning how to get in/out of the car and with his foster brother’s guidance we are learning the ropes. Once he is in the car, he is a gem. Loki is great in a kennel, even for up to 5-6 hours. He likely would be safe to roam if he is confined to a smaller area where items are out of reach. Otherwise, you might come home to find all your unfolded laundry spread out around the room.

Loki is looking for a forever home with other dogs that understand he sometimes needs a few extra beats to adjust to new people and things. Once you earn his trust though he will follow you from room to room (and even the bathroom), looking for love and pets. He is a sweet soul, who just wants to be by your side and be part of your family/pack.

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