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Loki is a fawn male greyhound/saluki mix born in 2020. He came to GALT from the Vernon Animal Shelter with Thor. It is unknown if he can live with cats or small animals. Loki will undergo medical evaluation soon.

Loki is a greyhound/saluki mix who had a bit of a rough start, and now he’s ready to find his forever home.  He’s a smart, happy boy with a goofy spirit that will make you laugh and melt your heart with his gentle nature.

Loki is a social butterfly at heart and he thrives when surrounded by other dogs.  His canine friends not only bring out his playfulness, they also provide him with a sense of reassurance.  His doggy pals give him the confidence he sometimes needs, making him feel secure.
His soulful eyes hold a world of love and he’s looking for a forever home that understands that sometimes he needs a bit of time to get used to new things.  Once you earn his trust, he will follow you from room to room, looking for love and pets.  If you are standing at a counter and you feel a snoot to the backside, that is just Loki telling you he is nearby.
He loves to make a ‘nest’ in the living room each night. Pulling any towels, pillows, blankets and clothing he can find throughout the house to join his pile of toys.  He isn’t destructive, he just loves to gather things.  On the days that he is more active (playing with the dogs or walks), he tends to do this less. 
Loki is lovely in a kennel.  I have left him for up to 5 hours with no trouble at all.  I am not certain he should be left to free roam in the house due to his curiosity.  It may be fine if he is confined to an area where items are out of reach.
Loki is a sweet soul, who just wants to be by your side and be a part of the family/pack. Loki needs a home with other dogs and a yard to run and play. 
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