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Venus is a black female greyhound/saluki/whippet mix born in 2020. She was found as a stray in Venus, TX and brought to GALT by a good samaritan.Venus should not live with cats or small dogs.

A goddess on a mountain top, was burning like a silver flame, the summit of beauty and love, and Venus was her name 🎶! This petite obsidian beauty is ready to find her forever home! Even though Venus was found as a stray, she adapted to family life very quickly. It was obvious from day one that she understood the comfort of a home…and couch! With the exception of a bit of counter-surfing, her house manners are impeccable.

This little Whippet sized cutie is quite the cuddler. Venus is unstoppable when it comes to climbing on the couch to meld with people. After a bit of playing and pawing, she settles down and sleeps peacefully on or near your lap until you have to move. There is no breaking that behavior at this point!

Venus walks nicely with a harness though she doesn’t do any “business” on a walk. It’s all about checking out the sights and smells of the neighborhood. She does get super focused when she sees a squirrel or bunny and cannot get it out of her mind to move past it. The same with dogs walking on the other side of the street – she makes quite a commotion and keeps looking behind her.

Venus lives with 3 other dogs and takes her cues from them. If a housemate gets too close to her bed she may give out a low growl and we quickly separate them. Oftentimes she wants to engage others in play and it varies which one is open to the attention. She is fully crate trained and has no issues following kibble or a cookie into the crate where she settles in nicely. For everyone’s peace of mind, we crate Venus at night and when we go out. Being the opportunist she is, she also eats meals in the crate so she doesn’t bother anydoggy else.

She is content to go out in the backyard with the others, she doesn’t really signal us – she just holds it until someone lets her out. When Venus is happy-excited she lets out a cute growl-roo and wiggles her whole body and whippy tail. Mornings are her favorite time of day when she sees all her friends again. After several weeks of watching others play with toys, she decided she should try it too. It’s adorable to see her tentatively take one out of the toy box and put it in her crate for safe keeping.

No doubt, Venus wants to be the center of someone’s universe! She enjoys giving and receiving affection. Based on her reaction, we don’t believe she should live with cats or small dogs. She would probably enjoy a like-minded medium to large sized playmate to keep her company if her people weren’t around. This is one sweet girl with so much love to give. Do you have a couch and lap ready for her?


Venus's Foster Family