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Valor is a light fawn male estimated to be born in 2018. He was found as a stray in Waco with Bernie and Lily. Valor is undergoing treatment for ehrlichia. Valor is cat tolerant. 

Valor is a very smart, sweet boy. He loves spending his days sitting in front of the picture window watching all the neighborhood comings and goings. He has the biggest puppy eyes and the floppiest of ears which just beg for a good ear rub. He rarely asks for love though he will never turn down a cuddle. 
Valor has great manners overall and understands corrections quickly. And his leash manners are on point. He enjoys pulling all the toys out of the basket and he usually loses interest soon after. He has made no move to getting on the furniture and seems happy with the beds on the floor. 
He is good in a kennel, or he can also be left alone in the house. If Valor had his way, he would always come with you as he has developed a love of car rides. When left alone he sometimes howls for a few minutes and then he settles down pretty quickly. 
Valor would probably be most comfortable in a home with other dogs. He perks up when around new dogs and enjoys chases in the backyard with his housemates. 
Valor has a strong sense of self preservation and as a result is not very comfortable in new situations/places. With patience and a bit of time, once he feels safe, he comes out of his shell and is a normal happy dog. At this time he is not comfortable around adult men and we are working to desensitize his fear. A home with a yard in a quiet neighborhood with people who adore him will complete his world!  You won’t be able to resist his sweet face and gentle spirit!  


Valor's Foster Family