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Speedy is a 2 1/2 year old light fawn male estimated to be born in early 2019. He came to GALT from the Amarillo – Panhandle Humane Society with Win and Racer. Speedy will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

Speedy is a loyal lovebug and wants to be where you are; if you are looking for a sofa snuggler, Speedy is your boy. Speedy was found in an abandoned lot in Amarillo, Texas and for a “feral” hound, he came to us in greyt health, testing negative for everything bad! He currently lives with his foster family in a large pack (3 females and 2 other males ranging from 3 to 10 years old). Speedy gets along best with his youngest and biggest foster sister, they share toys, play tug-of-war, chase each other around, then settle in for some bitey face and snuggle time. Speedy has passed his initial small dog testing, yet has not lived with small animals – the right sturdy small dog might be a fit with him.

Due to his youthful exuberance, Speedy would do best in a home without small children or frail elders and needs a big yard to romp and play. When Speedy arrived, he didn’t know quite how to be a pet, and with positive reward-based training, he is making good choices. Speedy knows “touch” (nose to hand) which serves to distract him from undesirable behaviors and he lays down on command. Speedy learns fast and is a super smart dog; he isn’t destructive, he goes to bed and sleeps through the night on a dog bed in the master bedroom; and he has never had an accident in his foster home (for these reasons, he’s not crate trained). He’s still in need of continuing education credits in polite leash walking and jumping up when it’s time to “go” or when visitors come over.

When meeting new dogs, Speedy can be reactive, yet he settles soon and does Pack Walk with several hounds each week. Speedy loves men and women about the same (A LOT) and he gets very excited to meet strangers. Speedy is obviously handsome with his light coat and darkly lined and expressive eyes, what you may not see is that he has a very low shed type coat. He likes to be groomed with a grooming mitt and does “okay” with nail clips. His foster family works from home, so he’s used to his people being around; he’s been left alone 2 to 3 hours at a time with no incident (he is watched on cameras and he may whine and pace at first, but ultimately lays down and naps). He likes it best when he gets to go and has been a good boy while patio dining at restaurants. Speedy wishes he could drive so he needs to be secured with a harness in the car. He enjoys the ride, stands some, lays down some. Speedy’s forever home needs to agree to support his substantial toy habit – he is precious when playing with his toys and he shifts favorites often. He doesn’t destroy his toys, he just likes to have lots to pick from!

Speedy is going to be someone’s heart dog, paws down…he’s affectionate and snuggly; handsome and photogenic; a people pleaser; and quick learner. He makes his foster family laugh every day with his silliness. They are hoping that the right applicant will look past his current challenge to make a greyt first impression…Speedy is going to give his forever family a lifetime of love and laughs.

Speedy's Foster Family