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Lyle is an estimated 3 year old fawn male greyhound born in 2020. He was found as a stray by a good samaritan in Amarillo. He has yet to be evaluated for cats and small animals.

Don’t let this hounds’ initially shy nature fool you! He is the biggest cuddle bug you’ll ever meet.

Lyle was formally a stray and retains some of his instinct to tread lightly around strangers, but if you are lucky enough to be selected as his trusted people, this pup is ready to devote himself to you.

Despite being new to the Kept Life, Lyle learns very quickly and responds well to direction and guidance. In particular he does VERY WELL within a pack as he takes many of his cues from his packmates and would do best in a home with other dogs and a good sized yard to play with them in. He’s very affectionate and attaches himself to his person and follows them everywhere. He adapted very quickly in foster care to normal house-dog stuff (learning the joys and comforts of couches) including walks, tummy rubs, potty training (thanks to watching his foster brothers) and treats. Lyle loves his toys and will fling them in the air and catch them, as well as tear around the yard after meal time with a joyful full tummy! Lyle is very food motivated.

Lyle has been left alone in his foster home with his two foster brothers for up to 5 hours without getting into trouble or appearing to have suffered any separation anxiety. We think this has to do with taking cues from his fosters brothers about the routine. Early on in coming to his foster home he would occasionally chew a book or dig up a house plant but we think it was more a sign of exploration of boundaries rather than acting out and in recent weeks he has stopped this behavior. He is not allowed in the kitchen so we do not know if he would be a counter-surfer.

In the home he gets along well with other dogs, although is often blissfully unaware of their personal space. Lyle is fine with small dogs, but since he’s not good with personal space, tends to step on them. It’s not malicious, he just doesn’t realize his size.

Lyle does bark when he’s inside and sees someone coming up his driveway, but learns quickly who his people are and learns not to bark once he gets a chance to smell and investigate them. His foster parents are working with him on barking and while he still barks a lot when startled, he is able to calm down faster each time. For these reasons, apartment life would not be good for him.

On walks he is quite shy and still a little leary of men and other dogs, but he’s getting better every day. We recommend walking him with a harness so that an unexpected noise, or sudden passing jogger doesn’t cause him to pull in a way that is harmful. However, mostly on walks he will want to stick very close to the pack leader and is actually a very well behaved walker once he knows the route.

Lyle bonded quickly with his foster mom and will try to cuddle anyway he can, often presenting his tummy for rubs, or even trying to sit in her lap on the sofa or resting his head on her lap when she’s at her computer- he just loves being cuddled and is very affectionate. He loves attention and praise from his people, playing with his foster brother in the yard or with squeaky toys that he will pile up for inspection. He also does great with puzzle toys, kongs and snuffle matts that make his brain work for treats.

Lyle has brought much joy, laughter and energy into his foster family. Are you ready for him to do the same for yours?

Lyle's Foster Family