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Additional Adoption Fee Information

GALTx-AZ is charging an adoption fee of $750 for greyhounds 6 years and younger and $450 for those 7 and over.

Meet our delightful sweetheart, Kelly. A bit shy initially but quick to blossom with warmth and affection. This lovely lady is crate trained and gets along famously with both small dogs and fellow greyhounds. With a leash in hand, she’s ready to embark on exciting adventures, her tail wagging with anticipation. Playful and affectionate, she adores toys and walks like a champ on a leash, exuding confidence with every step. Not one to be easily startled, she approaches life with a gentle spirit and a heart full of love. Whether cuddled up at home or exploring the great outdoors, she promises to fill your days with joy and laughter.