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Cory is a fawn male greyhound/saluki mix born in 2020. He was found at the same landfill as several other dogs. He is being treated for a variety of conditions and will be tested for small animal and cat tolerance soon.

Cory is the sweetest dog ever! He is very docile, non-confrontational and gets along well with our 9 year old mixed breed. He has been introduced on his daily walks around our neighborhood to small dogs and does very well with them. Cory shows no interest in squirrels, rabbits or anything running around in our yard. He would do well in an apartment, just as long as he gets his daily walks.

He only barks in the yard when he’s excited to run and play. He’s very quiet inside the house. He enjoys spending most of his time in his crate with the door open so he can come and go whenever he chooses. He has shown no interest in playing with any toys except the tennis ball out in the yard that he will run after for a short time. He is still learning to respond when his name is called when out in the yard and comes inside by using an extended leash.

He demonstrates signs of being cautious with new sounds when walking around our neighborhood and over time he will learn to adjust and be fine. Cory is a dog who you can easily get attached to because he is such a gentle soul.


Cory's Foster Family